Did Ned From Try Guys Cheating On His Wife, Ariel Fulmer? Fans Reacts On Reddit

Ned Fulmer is a podcast host and a Try Guys partner
Ned Fulmer is a podcast host and a Try Guys partner( Source : thelist )

Reddit fans mixed reaction to Ned Fulmer's cheating accusation to his wife has created a fuss on the internet. Here are the details that might help to clear some doubts.

Ned Fulmer is no longer a stranger since he has become a public figure of The Try Guys brand. He has been serving as an executive producer and partner at 2nd Try LLC since 2018. He has pretty good fan followers on Instagram and Twitter. 

According to his Linkedin bio, Ned co-created 2nd Try's flagship brand, “The Try Guys,” which has accumulated over three million subscribers in a few weeks and has over 1.5 billion lifetime video views. His career has been skyrocketed ever since recognized as a public face.

Before becoming a founding partner at 2nd Try, Fulmer was an early BuzzFeed video staffer. He directly hired, trained, and managed over 30 full-time video producers and developed the video fellowship program. 

Discussing his academic details, Ned studied at Yale University.

Quick Facts About Ned Fulmer

Date of BirthJune 12, 1987
Birth PlaceFlorida
WifeAriel Fulmer


Did Ned Fulmer From The Try Guys Cheating On His Wife?

The buzzing infidelity news about Ned Fulmer cheating on his wife, Ariel Fulmer, on Twitter and Reddit has created a mess on the internet. One user on Twitter claimed he was spotted with another woman (believed to be Alexandria Herring) at a club.

Ned Fulmer seceretly cheating on his wife, evidence shared on twitter.
Ned Fulmer seceretly cheating on his wife, evidence shared on twitter. ( Source : twitter )

The threads with evidence on Reddit were since deleted after the news became the talk of the town. The recent tweets by @nedfulmerexpose stated that an anonymous person sent a DM to Will Thayer, fiancee of Alexandria Herring, with solid proof of Ned Fulmer making out at the NY club.

Ned Fulmer cheating drama has been exposed to fans
Ned Fulmer cheating drama has been exposed to fans ( Source : twitter )

Another wrote, "Did not expect the next celebrity cheating scandal to involve Ned Fulmer from the Try Guys. However, it makes complete sense."

It has been the biggest drama, and fans are waiting for the rumors to be unfolded soon. Nonetheless, no one has denied or accepted the cheating scandal. 

Reddit Users React Over Ned Fulmer's Cheating With Alexandria Herring

According to multiple sources, the rumor of Ned having an affair with Alexandria Herring was triggered by fans years ago. Due to a lack of evidence, the speculations were later considered a hoax.

Alexandria Herring of Food Babies is active on Instagram
Alexandria Herring of Food Babies is active on Instagram ( Source : instagram )

From the beginning of September, Ned hadn't appeared in The Try Guys' latest videos and podcasts. A user on Reddit confirmed that he had recorded a video of Ned and Alex hanging or making out in a club in NYC, as per live journal. 

The user then sent the video to another user, who then sent it to Ned's wife. Alex’s fiance was the one to bring all this to the public on Reddit.

We're working on this matter. Once the information is out online, we will keep you updated.

Alexandria Herring is an Associate Producer
Alexandria Herring is an Associate Producer ( Source : instagram )

One user on Twitter has shared the snaps and DM's images by the nameless person.

As per Herring's Ig bio, she is an associate producer of Try Guys and Food Babies.

Ned Fulmer Has Two Kids

As of now, Ned Fulmer has two children with his partner Ariel. He tied the knot with Ariel Fulmer in 2012.

Their elder son is named Wesley (born in April of 2018). The second son, Finley, was born in November 2020. He also has a dog named Bean. 

Per Distractify, the lovely couple announced a new member is soon added to their family in an emotional vlog in August 2020.

Ned Fulmer with his kids
Ned Fulmer with his kids ( Source : instagram )

Since 2012, the internet couple Ariel and Ned has been together. They walked down the aisle on June 16, 2012. After six years of their marriage, they shared the pregnancy news via vlog in February of 2018. 

When Ned returned from a trip, Ariel amused him with a positive pregnancy test. They welcomed son Wesley James in the spring of 2018. On Aug. 2, 2020, the duo spilled the secret that they were pregnant with their second baby.

One fascinating fact about Ned is that he was nominated for 'Show of the Year at the Streamy Awards. He was named a 'Critics Pick' by Time Out Chicago.

He used to be a chemist before moving to LA.

Some FAQs

How tall is Ned Furmer?

Ned Furmer is 5 feet 10 inches tall.

Has Ned Furmer Linkedin Profile?

Yes, Ned Furmer is available on Linkedin.

How Much Ned Fulmer Make Each Year?

Ned Fulmer's net worth is approximately $10 million as of 2022.

Does Ned Fulmer Has A Daughter?

No, Ned Fulmer has no daughter, but he has two sons.

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