Did Kevin Samuels Have Cancer? Was He Sick? Allegedly Died Of Stroke and Chest Pain

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Kevin Samuels was diagnosed with Hodgkin's cancer when he was 21 years old. However, the cause of his death was not a disease, but a chest ache caused by a stroke.

Kevin Samuels is a relationship specialist and image consultant known for shocking sexist views against Black women in particular.

People are still perplexed about the circumstances surrounding his death and are awaiting confirmation from his close ones. Furthermore, Tahs K revealed the news of Samuel's death but could not confirm if he was the same Samuel we were talking about.

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Did Kevin Samuels Have Cancer?

Yes, Kevin Samuels had cancer at the age of 21. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma, but he beat it and was enjoying a normal life.

Hodgkin's Lymphoma is a malignancy that affects the lymphatic system, which is a component of the body's germ-fighting immune system.

White blood cells called lymphocytes proliferate uncontrollably in Hodgkin's lymphoma, generating swelling lymph nodes and growths across the body.

In an interview with Vlad Tv in 2021, Samuels described his shock at realizing he had cancer, as well as the misdiagnoses.

Kevin described the news as unexpected, forcing him to confront his mortality at a time when most young people are looking forward to experiencing everything life has to offer.

He's experienced stomach pains since he was a child. But he didn't have insurance at the time, so he had to go to a neighborhood clinic for a checkup.

Following his examination, his abdominal tissue was submitted for autopsy. At first, it was thought to be benign, therefore surgery was performed.

Nevertheless, during surgery, it was discovered to be malignant by doctors. As a result, the physicians recommended chemotherapy, and he was able to conquer cancer.

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Was Kevin Samuel Sick? Illness & Suicide Rumors

Yes, Kevin Samuel was sick. According to the reports, he suffered a cardiac arrest which lead to his death. However, there are also several rumors that he died from suicide or an accident.

Hours after wild reports of his death spread online, Sean "Diddy" Combs' American television network Revolt TV, which he co-founded, confirmed his death.

"'REVOLT Black News' has confirmed from reputable sources that YouTube celebrity and self-proclaimed relationship guru Kevin Samuels died today (May 5)," the story states.

It does not, however, discuss the circumstances behind his death. Kevin's friends and family were yet to publish a comment on his untimely death at the time of writing.

According to accounts, he began complaining of chest pains and was sent to Grady for treatment before being pronounced dead.

We extend our heartfelt sympathies to Samuels' family and friends during this difficult time. 

Kevin Samuels's Death Cause? Was He In An Accident?

Kevin Samuels's death cause at the moment is reported to be a heart attack. And no, he wasn't in an accident; instead, he was suffering from stroke and chest pain.

Several attempts were made to regenerate him, but all were futile when they were unable to resuscitate him.

May his soul rest in peace in heaven. 

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