Did Jason Momoa Testify In Court Defending Johnny Depp? Fake Testimony Goes Viral!

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Jason Momoa's testimony against Amber Heard is in the highlights after the Depp VS Heard trial finished on the 19th day.

The Aquaman actor is gaining much attention from all the people that are staying updated on the famous Hollywood trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. 

Jason Momoa is an actor who rose into prominence after his role as 'Khal Drago' in Game Of Thrones created an irresistible charm among the show's fans. 

Followed by his successful portrayal as Aquaman in the DC Universe, the actor is one of the most successful celebrities in Hollywood. 

While we are on the Topic of Aquaman, his co-star Amber Heard is currently getting sued by her ex-husband Johnny Depp. 

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard
Johnny Depp And Amber Heard

Likewise, Amber has also done a counterclaim against the trial using domestic violence points. The case has been a sensational topic of interest among thier fans and other public. 

Meanwhile, Jason has suddenly become a hot topic of discussion as a video of the actor testifying against Amber got viral, making people curious if it is valid. 

Did Jason Momoa Really Testify In Court? Fake Testimony Explained

Although the video of Jason's testimony seems believable, the fact remains that the Aquaman actor did not testify against Amber in court. 

The testimony shown in the video is nothing but a parody prepared by a vlogger who created it to gain some viewers using the most trending topic right now.  

Similarly, Jason Momoa was not mentioned anywhere in the list of witnesses prepared and released by Johnny and Amber's lawyers. 

Like many other users making content using Amber's testimonies and other references to the case, this was an attempt to obtain publicity. 

Moreover, this is one of the most searched topics worldwide, making digital content creators make unique and intriguing content to attract viewers. 

Jason Momoa In Headlines For Defending Johnny Depp Apparently

The testimony video of Aquaman star Jason Momoa has become an internet sensation overnight. 

Apparently, Jason has spoken in support of Johnny and made fun of Amber in the video, as the whole courtroom laughed. 

However, it is undoubtedly a bummer for many of Johnny's fans as it turned out to be a fake parody created for the purpose of making people laugh. 

The spoof was created by YouTuber GeoMFilms, who obviously targeted what viewers wished to see and hear in response to the trial against Amber Heard. 

Even though he has mentioned and addressed that the video is a joke and all the voices used are dubbed, people are still taking it seriously. 

GeoMFilms is a popular Youtube channel with 122k Subscribers, and it is famous for creating reaction videos and comedy caricatures.

Jason Momoa And Amber Heard News- What Happened Between Them? 

Aquaman lead actors Jason and Amber evidently had bad chemistry with each other, which almost caused the removal of Heard from the movie sequel, as mentioned by NYpost.

Jason Momoa And Amber Heard In Aquaman
Jason Momoa And Amber Heard In Aquaman

Nevertheless, the actress said on her trial that she still retains her role, but most of her on-screen time was removed. 

While they think it had something to do with the infamous trial of the actress Vs Johnny Depp, the movie team has not mentioned anything regarding the issue at all. 

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