Did Iayze Snitched On Summrs? Real Name, Was The Rapper Arrested?

Iayze was accused of snitching on Summrs and other rappers in May 2022. This could cause him to be ostracised in the future.

Iayze is a Fort Worth-based rapper and producer. He used to rap under the name TTGDuwap before becoming as famous as he is now. His debut SoundCloud song was released on July 31, 2019.

Chief Keef, FBG Duck, and Duwap Kaine are among Iayze's influences, according to Genius. Aside from his tremendous hip-hop career, he is currently surrounded by allegations of snitching on others, including other rappers.

C'mere! was given a music video by DotComNirvan in January 2022, and it was watched over 500,000 times in just a few weeks.

Did layze Snitched On Summrs? Here Is The Fact

Yes, Summrs was snitched on by layze. He allegedly snitched on Summrs and other rappers, according to the article.

This could, however, result in him being blackballed in the future. If you like his songs, you should listen to KANKAN, Summrs, Autumn!/twin uzis, and Yeat.

As a result, Iayze is a remarkably versatile artist, having released everything from sorrowful, melodic songs to hard-hitting trap tracks. He sings about having a child at a young age and raising a child in several songs.

His first SoundCloud song, named Ok!, was posted on July 31, 2019, under his previous name, TTGDuwap. He has worked with members of the Slayworld collective, including KANKAN and Summrs.

According to Genius, Iayze was influenced by Chief Keef, FBG Duck, and Duwap Kaine, the latter of whom he most likely used as the basis for his initial stage name.

He is also known for the Twisty P to diss tune I Shoot 4 Fun / Iayze Diss, which just went viral.

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layze Real Name And Age: How Old Is He?

Layze was born in the year 2003, and his real name is Jace Slater, according to the source. He is a 20-year-old talented rapper as of 2022.

His specific date of birth, however, has yet to be established. He is a skilled rapper who can deliver melodious tracks as well as hard-hitting trap music. He also discusses being a teen parent and raising a child.

Iayze has thirteen full-length projects to his credit, including I.D.L.Y.A., Forever, Final Fantasy Deluxe, and Starlight.

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Was layze Arrested? His Charges And Mugshot- What Happened?

There have been allegations that Layze has been arrested recently. For the previous two days, Twitter has gone crazy, with many individuals saying, free Iayze. There isn't much information online about the offense or the details.

Apart from that, Iayze and Ka$hdami have been feuding since 2021.

It all started when the Fort Worth rapper chastised David Wallace III for playing the wrong set.

He claimed that Iayze was robbed in a Chicago mall, but he didn't provide any proof.

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