Did Christine Quinn Marry For Money? Husband Christian Richard Net Worth In 2022

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 Christian Richard and Christine Quinn are now married, and admirers are left to question whether she married her new multimillionaire husband for love or money.

Fans must acknowledge that Christine Quinn, one of The Oppenheim Group's top producing real estate agents, is taking it to the next level in this season of Selling Sunset.

She married Christian in a dramatic wedding at the end of season three after Chrishell Stause stormed out when her marriage to This Is Us star Justin Hartley came to an end.

Last year, the pair welcomed their first child, Christian Jr., who was featured on the show after Christine revealed her pregnancy experience.

Did Christine Quinn Marry For Money? 

Christine Quinn currently lives in the Hollywood Hills with her fiancé (now husband) Richard in a 5,917-square-foot mansion with four bedrooms and six bathrooms that Richard bought for $5 million and Christine sold for $150,000.

Christian and Christine met through a mutual friend who had gone on a date with Christian and 'wasn't feeling it,' but connected him to Christine when the computer entrepreneur was seeking a new place to live.

Christian saw one of the real estate agent's properties and immediately fell in love, marrying less than a year later.

The fact that we learn Christian pursued Christine adds to the evidence that Christine wasn't for this man's money. He chased her down. Christine seemed to be in it for the love of it, rather than for the money.

She simply appreciates the better things in life. If you're scared that she'll become content with her new man's financial situation and stop being as eager or ambitious as she once was, think again. Christine is back and more determined than ever to establish a name for herself in the real estate business.

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Who Is Christine Quinn Husband Christian Richard?

Christian Richard, a 42-year-old IT CEO, is Christine Quinn's husband.

Richard made his first fortune by selling his first business. Foodler, a Boston-based food delivery firm created in 2005 that allowed users to order meals from restaurants, according to the Boston Globe.

As the first food delivery website to accept Bitcoin as payment, the company was a pioneer in the cryptocurrency space.

GrubHub, another food delivery service, purchased the company in 2017. Foodler, according to the company, worked with over 50,000 eateries and had approximately 9 million active users at the time.

Between 2001 to 2007, he worked at Cisco as a software engineer, according to LinkedIn. Christine Quinn told Women's Health in an interview that her husband retired from work in 2017 as a result of the acquisition.

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What Is Christine Quinn Net Worth? 

As per the Celebrity Net Worth, Christine Quinn is worth around $2 million (around £1.6 million).

The Oppenheim Group's representatives do not receive wages, but they do receive large commissions on the multi-million dollar homes they sell. As a result, they tend to take home a sizable salary throughout the year.

Christine and her husband Christian, a retired computer entrepreneur, reside in an astonishing $5 million (£3.6 million) property in Los Angeles.

Richard's net worth has also been reported to be $20 million by several sites, though the couple has not confirmed this. Christine is simply referred to as a "millionaire" in the Women's Health interview.

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