Death Of Cranium CEO Richard Tait Prompts Wave Of Tributes On Twitter

Richard Tait is the Co-founder of Cranium ( Source : Geekwire )

Richard Tait is a successful business executive who co-founded a globally known toy and board game developer company, Cranium.

Additionally, He also served as the Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Numerous well-known games, including Pop 5, Super Fort Carnival Clubhouse, Zigity, Zooreka, Whoonu, and many others, were created by Cranium Inc. The Cranium board game itself is the brand's most well-known item.

One of Seattle's most successful business people is Richard Tait. The news of his passing recently sparked a flood of memorial tweets. Here is a look at whether the rumors of his death are accurate.

What Happened To Richard Tait?

There was a widespread internet rumor that Richard Tait had passed away, and everyone posted depressing messages across all social media channels.

He is healthy and alive, and it was later made clear that the news was only a rumor that had gone on for a little too long.

However, Richard Tait's supporters were upset when they learned of that rumor. They have prayed for his loved ones and anticipate finding out more about him.

On July 27, 2022, a hoax about Richard Tait's demise spread on the Tktok platform. Even though his family hadn't issued a formal announcement, the news had been widely circulated.

The recent rumor variation's response on the internet demonstrates how rapidly rumors may go viral and be believed, even when they are untrue.

Since Richard Tait's sudden disappearance from social media was widely reported, people were worried about him. However, it turned out that he had an unfortunate case of mistaken identity; no one understands why this happened.

The Seattle-based entrepreneur who founded Cranium formerly held the position of Chief Executive Officer for the business.

Richars Tait's death news was widely circulated on the internet recently
Richars Tait's death news was widely circulated on the internet recently( Source : Newsplizer )

Tait joined Microsoft as its Business Unit Manager in 1998. He contributed to the development of the Solution Provider Network, Microsoft's initial value-added reseller channel for Windows NT, with the aid of IBM and OS/2.

Tait managed Microsoft's multimedia reference group, which comprised Encarta and Bookshelf, in his later years with the company. He spent ten years working for Microsoft before leaving the organization in 1998.

In 1988, Tait and Whit Alexander, a fellow ex-Microsoft worker, created the Cranium firm. They collaborate to advertise a variety of well-known games. Their children's version, Cranium Cadoo, won "Game of the Year" in 2002.

He worked for organizations like Boom Boom Brands, Aegis Living, and Starbucks after leaving Cranium in 2008.

One of Valor Siren Ventures' partners is Richard Tait. Before joining VSV, he worked for the business as its first Entrepreneur in Residence, fostering innovation throughout the product, supply chain, and customer experience at one of the largest retailers in the world.

Richard Tait's Net Worth In 2022

Richard Tait, the former CEO of Cranium, has not yet revealed his net worth.

Richard Tait is a very successful businessman. Hence his net worth must be in the millions of dollars.

The Scotsman seemed to have come out of his vast business endeavor unharmed and successfully. He has succeeded at Starbucks, whose CEO Howard Schultz initially encouraged Golazo and Cranium.

Richard was highly involved in promoting Golazo
Richard was highly involved in promoting Golazo( Source : Miir )

Tait worked as a consultant for Starbucks for a few years after Hasbro paid $77 million to acquire the board game company Cranium in 2008. Being the CEO and Co-founder, he must have received a considerable amount of money from this buyout.

Richard served on the board of directors for the toy industry while Cranium developed new channels for distribution and showcased inventive product design with several award-winning games.

Golazo, a refreshing sports beverage with a soccer theme, was also launched by Tait in 2010.

The product obtained a $3.7 million investment round from investors in 2011, including Howard Schultz, the creator of Starbucks. Golazo was also well-known due to an extensive social media campaign and Seattle's developing status as a soccer capital.

Having managed multiple positions at a different multinational company, Tait must be pretty loaded regarding wealth.

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