Daystar Marcus Lamb Died - What Happened? Illness and Health Issues

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Daystar CEO Marcus Lamb died after contracting COVID-19 at the age of 64. Learn details about the televangelist including, his health and illness.

Marcus Lamb was the CEO and Co-Founder of the Daystar Network. It is the second-largest Christian TV network in the worth with an estimated value of $230 million.

Lamb died on November 30, 2021, after contracting COVID-19. He used to broadcast various programs on anti-vaccine and pushed for other alternatives. 

Who Was Marcus Lamb?

Marcus was an American televangelist, media pioneer, and entrepreneur.

He was the co-founder, president, and CEO of the Daystar Television Network which is the second-largest Christain TV network in the world.

Born on October 7, 1957, in Cordele, Georgia, Lamb attended the East Macon Church of God while growing up.

He began preaching at the age of fifteen and founded The Word of God Fellowship in 1980. It was the same year he met his wife Joni Lamb. They spent the first few years of their marriage as traveling evangelists visiting churches to teach the gospel.

Besides running a religious TV network, he was a devoted Christain and was ordained as a bishop with the Church of God of Cleveland, Tennessee.

Daystar Marcus Lamb Died- What Happened? Illness And Health Issue Explained

Daystar CEO Marcus Lamb passed away at the age of 64.

He died on November 30, 2021, after contracting COVID-19. The detailed report on his illness and death has yet to be released.

Marcus's wife Joni Lamb revealed he had diabetes and was hospitalized after his oxygen level dropped. These last few weeks, Lamb was suffering in the hospital and he passed away on Tuesday morning.

Lamb was skeptical of the vaccine and advocated against it. He had broadcast a series of programs featuring vaccine skeptics and would push for alternative treatments. Unfortunately, he contracted the virus and was diagnosed for the past few weeks.

We hope to update more information as soon as possible.

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