XFL Owner Dany Garcia Called Her Second Wedding 'Timeless' - Who Is Her Husband, Dave Rienzi?

Dave Rienzi congratulated his wife, Dany Garcia  on the opening of GSTQ, a fashion brand
Dave Rienzi congratulated his wife, Dany Garcia on the opening of GSTQ, a fashion brand( Source : instagram )

Dany Garcia is married to her husband, Dave Rienzi, a Co-Founder of ZOA Energy and a professional bodybuilder.

She is with her husband, Dave Rienzi, for over ten years. They celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary on March 29, 2022.

He is the fitness coach of Hollywood’s biggest box office collector, Dwayne Johnson. 

He has developed a solid reputation and has become a recognized authority in bodybuilding, nutrition, and rehabilitation therapy thanks to his academic and professional expertise.

Dany Garcia Is Married To Husband, Dave Rienzi

Dany Garcia is married to her husband, Dave Rienzi, since 2014. 

Dave is a bodybuilder, the owner of Rienzi Strength, and the Chief Health & Fitness Brand Officer. The family lives in Los Angeles and Orlando with their four dogs.

She previously married Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from 1997 to 2008. Despite their past relationships, the two are friends, and even more surprisingly, Dany's current husband is Dwayne's trainer.

She was instrumental in shaping DJ's career; today, the two are close friends and professional business partners.

The XFL and its entertainment production company, Seven Bucks Production, are two of their best-known businesses. Furthermore, Red Notice, Jumanji, and Jungle Cruise are co-produced by Johnson and Garcia together. 

Dave and Dany celebrated their eight years of wedding anniversary on March 29
Dave and Dany celebrated their eight years of wedding anniversary on March 29 ( Source : instagram )

She was a significant factor in Dwayne becoming the famous actor he is today. In Dany's opinion, their positive relationship is largely due to their open lines of communication, The Things reported.

In an interview with Marie Claire, she claimed that while their divorce was in progress, they maintained communication and were essentially supportive of one another. 

The former couple never experiences the type of divorce the celebrities usually face where one person snaps at another and breaks the communication. They set out to change the dynamics of the relationship together. Every day, we had lengthy conversations about both professional and personal issues.

They tried to fix any issues in their relationship that they believed to be the cause of their failed marriage. They attempted to mend their relationship for more than a year, but when things didn't work out, they separated in a mutual understanding. 

They made space to understand each other because they were aware of the emotional freak-outs that would happen when a new person entered their lives.

They are happily married, and their chemistry is frequently reflected on social media. They recently created reels about answering a couple's questions while blindfolded.

Dany and Dave's take on blind-folded couple questions
Dany and Dave's take on blind-folded couple questions ( Source : instagram )

They answered the most frequently asked questions about a couple. Such as Who apologizes first after the argument, who is the funniest, who is most romantic, who is a better cook, who takes longer to get ready, and many more. 

Their fans and followers loved their content and requested a part two, which the couple gladly provided.

You can also visit their Instagram profile to learn more about the lovely couple. 

Dave Rienzi Is A Co-Founder Of ZOA Energy And A Professional Bodybuilder

Dave Rienzi is a professional bodybuilder and ZOA Energy co-founder and owner of Rienzi Strength.

He is famous as the personal fitness trainer of Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson (DJ). He began weightlifting at the age of 12 and was drawn to the discipline and satisfaction it provided, so he decided to pursue a career in fitness.

He attended Indiana University and earned a bachelor's degree in science in kinesiology. After college, he worked in the fitness industry for several years before opening his private strength and conditioning gym in 2014. 

He last competed in 2014 at the NPC Nationals, finishing fourth in the Heavyweight class.

Dave returned to competition in 2020, achieving IFBB pro status after undergoing significant surgeries (two rotator cuff and two knee operations).

The producers behind, Red Notice. Seven Bucks Production, DJ, Dany, and Dave (From left to right)
The producers behind, Red Notice. Seven Bucks Production, DJ, Dany, and Dave (From left to right) ( Source : instagram )

His career took a turn when he met DJ through his wife, Dany. DJ was looking for a trainer knowledgeable about nutrition, training programs, and biomechanics to help him recover from his numerous injuries.

Dany is an expert in this field, having survived four significant surgeries. The three of them, together with beverage expert John Shulman created ZOA, a new healthy-energy drink. 

ZOA and ZOA+ are natural products with no additives, artificial flavors, or dyes. 

ZOA+ contains several elements designed to support workouts, such as;

  • B vitamins,
  • folate,
  • Ginkgo biloba,
  • 3,000 mg of performance-boosting nitric oxide
  • L-citrulline,
  • Hydrating electrolytes,
  • Vitamins C and D, and 
  • antioxidants 

Dany Garcia Vs Dave Rienzi Net Worth

Dany Garcia has an estimated net worth of $40 million, while her husband, Dave Rienzi, is estimated to have $4 million as of 2022. 

She is a businesswoman, producer, professional bodybuilder, and founder and CEO of many companies. While Dave is a fitness trainer, The Rock's fitness coach, and the owner of Rienzi Strength. 

The couple is extremely wealthy and has numerous joint business ventures.

She has also co-founded a number of businesses with her ex-husband, The Rock, over the years. The most recent is the XFL, which is scheduled to begin in February 2023. She has been Dwayne Johnson's primary manager since he started his career as an actor and is also a producer of numerous Dwayne movies.

Garcia and Dave together is making fortune from their energy drink company, ZOA
Garcia and Dave together is making fortune from their energy drink company, ZOA ( Source : instagram )

She is now 53 years old and has amassed a substantial fortune due to her determination and mindset. Garcia co-founded Seven Bucks Productions in 2012 with Dwayne. 

Subsequently, she founded GSTQ and became the CEO and chairperson of The Garcia Companies and TGC Management. 

GSTQ, her most recent venture, is a fashion clothing brand. It has a meticulously crafted ready-to-wear fashion collection.

GSTQ combines and refines the best of a savvy mogul's style, enhancing it with the easy mobility and range of motion sought in active wear.

Some of the brands managed by her company are (Essentially Sports);

  • TGC Management,
  • Seven Bucks Companies,
  • Teremana Tequila,
  • Athleticon,
  • Project Rock Collection at Under Armour,
  • VOSS,
  • Atom Tickets,
  • Salt & Straw,
  • ZOA Energy,
  • Acorns, and
  • XFL 

Gracia's Teremana Tequila is the most lucrative brand in the US, with 640,000 9L cases sold in 2021.

Garcia has reportedly produced a number of films, TV shows, and web series. She also serves as an executive producer on several Dwayne Johnson films. 

Garcia's latest project, BlackAdams featuring Dwayne Johnson, co-produced by Seven Bucks Proud
Garcia's latest project, BlackAdams featuring Dwayne Johnson, co-produced by Seven Bucks Proud ( Source : instagram )

Some of her hit productions are listed below;

  • Fighting with My Family,
  • Rock and a Hard Place,
  • Baywatch,
  • Racing Dreams,
  • Snitch,
  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,
  • Rampage,
  • Skyscraper,
  • SHAZAM!,
  • Ballers,
  • Hobbs & Shaw,
  • Red Notice,
  • BlackAdam, and many more.

Her most recent project is DC's BlackAdam; it has undoubtedly increased her net worth after its release. The box office collection of Seven Bucks Production can be seen in the Numbers.

According to The Numbers, the worldwide box office collection of BlackAdam is $352,432,617. The production firm's total box office collection is reported to be $3,264,366,158 as of November 2022.

Furthermore, her collaborative project, the ZOA energy drink, with her husband and Dwayne is also making them a lot of profit. 

According to food navigator, the company earned $3.4 million in revenue for the four weeks ending October 31, 2021. Over 26,000 stores currently sell Zoa, making up more than 100,000 distribution points, CNBC reported.

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