Danielle Cohn is a famous Youtuber and Tiktoker who has also managed to make a name in the music industry. We have all the scoop regarding Danielle Cohn and her parents.

Danielle Cohn has a very strong fanbase who have kept up with her on different social media platforms over the years.

She started her career from dub smashes now to creating her own content and videos for her fans. Even though she just started her career she has already made a solid name in the community. 

Danielle is also the center of problems and often gets involved in various controversies. 

Her career however started from an app called musica.ly which she earned money from as well.

Danielle Cohn Parents

Danielle Cohn's parents are Jennifer Archambault and Dustin Cohn. 

Danielle is not very close with her father and has been raised by her mother. Her father kicked her mother out after they divorced along with his two children.

Since then Jen has been taking care of Danielle and her brother.

Jen works as her daughter's manager to which her daughter calls her a "momager". Jen is very supportive of her daughter's achievements.

Jen quit her night job and fully started dedicating her career to helping her daughter's career and helping her achieve more than she already has.

Danielle loves her mother and often takes it to social media to express her gratitude.

Danielle Cohn Family

Danielle Cohn has been raised by her mother Jennifer for most of her life.

Danielle has a brother named Chad Cohn. Danielle lives with her mother and brother in the United States.

The TikToker's brother has also managed to gain a hefty following on Tiktok following in his sister's footsteps. Chad has gained over 140k followers till now.

It is uncertain if Chad will be joining Danielle in YouTube and music career, however, he is doing quite well as a Tiktoker for now. 

The big brother of Danielle is the most devoted fan of his little sister and loves to watch and cheer his sister do good on any platform. He is very supportive of his sister's accomplishments at such a young age.

Danielle Cohn Age

Danielle is 19 years of age.

Danielle's date of birth is June 12, 2002. She is a 2000's baby.

Danielle says she was 16 years old when she started getting on the internet as a content creator. However, Danielle's had otherwise to say. He said she was just 13 when she was on the internet.

Danielle embraces that she is one of the most hated teenagers on the internet, however, she says that is the last one of her worries. 

Danielle won Miss Florida Jr. in 2015 and from here her career took off. She wanted to start a career as a model but considering she is of short stature she switched to an entertainer.

Danielle Cohn Biography And Instagram

Danielle Cohn has been featured in various biography pages online. 

Danielle has been the topic of controversies often because of her age when her father decided to object to the age Danielle was previously going by.

This had her fans confused and wanted to know what the real age of Danielle Cohn is.

Danielle is also very active on social media and often posts aesthetic pictures and pictures of professional life.

Cohn's Instagram handle goes by @daniellecohn and she has managed to garner 4.3m followers to date.