The 2019 Broadway "Dana H" is a tribute to Dana Higginbotham's painful incident of captivity and torture back in 1997.

Her playwright son, Lucas Hnath, wrote the play directed by the acclaimed director Les Waters. The award-winning character actress Deidre O’Connell portrayed Dana.

Both real-life Dana and reel-life Dana worked together to bring the painful memory on stage, and ultimately, it met with a positive response from the audience and the critics.

Who Is Dana Higginbotham? Wikipedia Bio 

Dana Higginbotham is predominantly known as the mother of playwright Lucas Hnath. 

As her son started the idea of "Dana H," she is covered by multiple media outlets since 2019. She has worked as a chaplain at the psychiatric unit of a hospital in Florida.

Her connection to the hospital led to her eventual abuser, who was obsessed with her. However, the strong Dana has risen above her unfateful 'five months' and shared her voice in the play.

The actress had lip-synced to Dana's storytelling in the play. Despite a failed marriage and the traumatic event, all praised Dana's brave idealities for telling her story and facing the camera.

Elisabeth Vincentelli from The New Yorker called the play's production as stunning as it is harrowing.

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Lucas Hnath Mother Dana Higginbotham From Dana H Play

Dana Higginbotham's age falls around her 60s to 70s by scanning through her pictures.

Citing her son, Lucas Hnath's age falls around his early 40s, Dana from the play "Dana H" is aging gracefully.

She has yet to share the precise particulars of her birthday with the intriguing viewers and fans of "Dana H." The traumatic events opened up more than two decades after the incident in 2019.


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Dana Higginbotham Story Of Escape From Her Kidnapper

Dana Higginbotham's time at the Florida hospital made her meet with Jim, a psychiatric patient with a violent past.

He was raised in the Aryan Brotherhood and thus, had spent time in prison for crimes. As a dedicated medical person, she counseled Jim through two suicide attempts.

Moreover, she had invited him to her house for Christmas as he had nowhere to go. Her kindness came differently to Jim as he developed an obsession with her.

Independent writes that Jim used to cling to her like a child to a teddy bear. Dana's voice in the play gave more insights into her abusive past when Jim broke all the barriers in their relationship and abducted her.

After Dana and her husband divorced, she was left alone in her Florida home when Jim broke into her apartment, physically attacked her, and gave her an unforgettable "five months."

She was moved from motels to motels between Florida and North Carolina, where Jim physically and mentally tortured her.

Dana has moved on from the incident fighting back all the mental issues and is open to new opportunities.