Who Is Cynthia Davis From Big Rich Texas? Further Details on Jerry Jones Alleged Girlfriend

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Alexandra Davis, daughter of Cynthia, from Big Rich Texas has come forward claiming that she is a biological daughter of a Dallas Cowboy owner Jerry Jones. This news is currently viral and people have started to scrutinize every little detail.

Let's see what is known about the alleged daughter of the billionaire.

Alexandra has sued her alleged father for paternity. If these allegations are true, Jerry will be losing a big chunk of his wealth. It has been said that Jerry paid hush money to Alexandra's mother to hide the fact that he was her biological father.

This news came as shock to all the people because this was something very unexpected and rare incident. More information could be coming as the investigation goes forward.

Who Is Cynthia Davis From Big Rich Texas? 

Many might remember seeing Alexandra and her mother Cynthia in the reality show Big Rich Texas. The show was about a rich mom and their daughter. At that time, it was said that Alexandra was living in the Trust Fund.

Now, it looks like the trust fund was under Jerry. Alexandra has not said anything about why she is suing her alleged biological father and how she find out about him being the one. This mystery is still to be revealed.

As per various sources, it has been claimed that Jones and Cynthia agreed that she will be getting financial support until she does not reveal to her daughter about her biological father.

Thus, if it has been revealed by her, the case might result in the loss of financial support and trust she and her daughter was getting from the billionaire. This case has turned everyone's attention toward it.

Jerry Jones Girlfriend Age & Net Worth

There is a lack of information about Jerry's alleged mistress Cynthia, but her age is probably around 60 years old. Since she was not a known figure until some time ago there is not much information available about her.

Her daughter has come forward claiming that she and the billionaire, Jerry was in a relationship. From that relationship her daughter Alexandra was born has been claimed, but this mere allegation as of now.

Alexandra has been suing but at the same moment, she did not ensure that she won't be losing the financial support she was getting, which has been believed to have been from Jerry as of now.

Cynthia's net worth has been estimated to be more than $1 million. She and her daughter lived a wealthy life and that was the reason they made it to the show Big Rich Texas.

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