Cole Labrant Siblings - Meet Clay, Jack And Luke LaBrant

Cole Labrant is one of the six children of Labrant Family
Cole Labrant is one of the six children of Labrant Family( Source : instagram )

Cole Labrant is an American YouTuber with five siblings from the same parent. LaBrant first rose to fame on Vine before joining his family on TikTok and YouTube.

Everyone except his eldest brother, Luke, is active on social media.

You can follow his Instagram account to get more insight into his family. The Labrant family, which includes his wife and kids, is well-known for sharing family-focused social media posts.

With six children, each with a distinct personality, their parents must feel both blessed and proud to have raised them.

How Many Siblings Does Cole Labrant Have?

Cole Labrant is the second of five siblings, with four brothers and one sister.

Luke, Jack, Clay, and Tate are his brothers, and Lily LaBrant is his only sister. Tate is the youngest in the Labrant family, who turned 16 on June 13, 20222.

To commemorate his birthdays, his mother, Sheri Lewis, wrote that he has six parents looking out for him, including his four older brothers. According to Sheri, as the youngest brother, Tate has always had a quick wit and a mature sense of humor. He is a good student who takes his grades very seriously.

Jack, Clay, and Cole Labrant in a frame
Jack, Clay, and Cole Labrant in a frame ( Source : instagram )

Tate desired to be a firefighter in the future. However, this may change as he grew older. He has a kind and gentle heart and is wonderful with the little cousins, nieces, and nephews when they visit family, which is extremely uncommon in teenage boys.

Clay is their fourth son, who turned 22 on February 24, 2022. He is a singer and a musical artist who has a YouTube channel and a profile on Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Music. 

He has six songs on Spotify which is available under the username Lil Klay.

Sheri mentioned that of her six children, Jack, the third, was the most difficult to raise, while Luke and Cole were easygoing. Jack was a natural-born leader, as nobody could ever force him to do something he didn't want.

Cole, father Ken, Clay, and youngest Tate on a beach
Cole, father Ken, Clay, and youngest Tate on a beach ( Source : instagram )

Jack joined the Marines because of his natural leadership abilities. He was promoted both in boot camp and in SOI, which is unusual.

He chose to go to Afghanistan when his troop was activated, despite the fact that he had not yet completed his first training with his troop. He is a Marine veteran who served his country honorably. 

Luke, the eldest Labrant, is 28 as of 2022. Unlike his other brothers, he is private on Instagram. He is a data specialist at GCA and is married to his wife, Kayla. 

Cole Labrant Sister Lily Labrant

Cole Labrant and his four brothers are blessed with one sister, Lily Labrant. 

She is an Instagram model who is often featured on her mother's Instagram. Her mother, Sheri, never expected to have a daughter after having five sons in a row, but she did.

Lily Labrant with his brother Jack Labrant
Lily Labrant with his brother Jack Labrant ( Source : instagram )

Lily is the youngest Labrant child who turned 13 on July 6, 2022. 

Sheri mentioned that being a mother to five boys has really prepared her to be a better mother to a girl. Being a mother to a girl has made me a better person, she wrote.

Cole Labrant Is The Second Of His Five Siblings

Cole Labrant is the second child of Sheri and Ken Labrant. 

Cole is married to Savannah Rose LaBrant with four kids. His eldest daughter Everleigh Rose is from Savannah's previous relationship, and Posie, Zealand, and Sunday LaBrant are his three other children.  They welcomed their fourth child in June 2022. 

Cole Labrant and wife, Savannah with their four kids
Cole Labrant and wife, Savannah with their four kids ( Source : instagram )

Savannah and Cole started dating in 2016, and they wed in July 2017.

With her then-partner, Tommy Smith, Savannah gave birth to her first child, Everleigh Rose Soutas Smith, on December 14, 2012.

In May 2018, they made an announcement that they were having another child. Posie Rayne, their second newborn, joined the family on December 28, 2018.

The family is known as the Labrant family on Instagram and YouTube. 

The couple, formerly known as Cole&Sav with his wife Savannah LaBrant, are well-known for posting entertaining videos on the channel. It has amassed over 13 million subscribers, such as family announcements and practical jokes starring Everleigh, Savannah's daughter.

He first rose to fame with his friends Baylor Barnes and John Stephen Grice as part of the Vine collaboration channel DemWhite Boyz.

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