Citibank Racial Profiling Video On TikTok, Watch Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd Customer Reaction

Watch Citibank's racial profiling video that took place at Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd on March 22, 2022. Continue reading the article to learn more about the incident. 

Citibank Racial profiling video is taking over on the internet as netizens supported the victim and chastise the bank. 

It all began after the cheque of a young black woman was confiscated by the bank worker.

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Watch: Citibank Racial Profiling Video On TikTok- Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd

Citibank's Racial profiling video is going viral on social media after BabyStorme shared her experience on TikTok. The incident happened at 5000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA Citibank on Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

Netizens are circulating a video of a young woman whose cheque was confiscated by the bank and demanding an explanation from Citibank.

One of them wrote, "Would you mind explaining why this young girl was racially profiled? Or do you want us to keep making you famous?"

"So you actively support and conduct racial profiling and prejudice at your workplace? And now you hide the comments instead of dealing with the issue, another wrote as the bank has turned off its comments on Facebook. 

Similarly, another tweet stated that the woman and her manager should have been fired on the spot for racial profiling." 

People are standing behind the lady and asking the bank to release the funds given by her father. Will they, refund her cheque? Will they remedy their errors?

We will keep you updated on developments in the case.

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Citibank Racial Profiling History: People Are Lashing The Bank

Citibank's recent Racial Profiling case has urged netizens to explore their history on such activities. The bank is gaining a lot of negative reviews and criticism following the incident.

"Citibank's workers must be held accountable. This is not proper etiquette. Nobody likes to hear about sensitivity training."

"These workers must be held responsible for stigmatization. Is it illegal for a black person to hold a legitimate $30k check?" another person tweeted.

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What happened at Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd?

According to Babystorme's video, her cheque was seized by Citibank at Los Angeles 5000 Sunset Blvd. It shows her crying in the video as she explained what happened with her in the bank. 

@crownedsoulja4 @Citibank racist , need accountability @Baby Storme ♬ original sound Onthatassfasho

She said that her father had sent her a check for the following year's rent. So she went to the bank to cash her cheque, but they confiscated it and refused to return it to her.

The worker said that they couldn't verify the cheque, thus they couldn't cash her. Despite her request to call her father to verify the check, the worker refused and keep on saying that they cannot verify it and will be seized. 

After that, they stand up and call the cop.

You can watch the full video here, to learn more about the incident. 

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