Christopher Wray Salary - Who Appointed The FBI Director?

Christopher Wray is the director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States. ( Source : Edition )

Christopher Wray is the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States. He has previously worked as the Criminal Division's Assistant Attorney General.

He worked as a litigation partner with King & Spalding from 2005 to 2016. He has received the Edmund J. Randolph Award, the DOJ's highest honor for leadership and public service.

The 55-year-old director started his career in law enforcement as an assistant U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia in the Department of Justice. He prosecuted many federal criminal cases, including financial fraud, trafficking in illegal weapons, and public corruption.

In the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, he was appointed associate deputy attorney general in 2001 and then a prominent associate deputy attorney general.

Christopher Wray's Salary And Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, The salary of Christopher Wray is estimated to be around $158,657 per year. According to Glassdoor, the salary of an FBI Director is about one hundred forty-five thousand nine hundred thirty-six dollars.

The net worth of the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is approximately $9 million in 2022.

FBI Director Christopher Wray testify before the House Judiciary Committee on FBI misconduct and political bias in August.
FBI Director Christopher Wray testify before the House Judiciary Committee on FBI misconduct and political bias in August.( Source : Nypost )

The former assistant attorney general made $9.2 million as an attorney for the firm King & Spalding between January 2016 and July 2017, the month of his confirmation, which was much more than his pay as FBI Director.

The Wall Street Journal calculated that Wray's net worth ranged from $23 million to $42 million in 2017. The brilliant leader was appointed as the seventh Director of the FBI on August 2, 2017.

In 2003, President George W. Bush proposed him for the position of assistant attorney general for the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice, where he would oversee significant domestic and international criminal investigations and prosecutions.

During his tenure, he also headed the Counterterrorism Section and the Counterintelligence and Export Control Section, all of which belonged to the Criminal Division.

The FBI director worked as a leader in the DOJ's post-election efforts to battle terrorism, espionage, and cybercrime with domestic and international government partners. He was also a member of the President's Corporate Fraud Task Force and oversaw the Enron Task Force.

Who Appointed The FBI Director?

The President of America appoints, and the Senate confirms the FBI Director for a single, 10-year term. The Federal Bureau of Investigation's Director is in charge of the agency's daily operations and serves as the head of this critical federal law enforcement organization in America.

The Director of the FBI reports to the U.S. Attorney General because it is a Department of Justice (DOJ) division.

When the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act wasn't in effect until 2004 and was passed, the Director regularly updated the President on any problems that occurred inside the FBI.

Since the FBI is a component of the American intelligence community, the Director now reports to the Director of National Intelligence.

Christopher Wray Family Bio

Christopher Wray was born to his father, Cecil A. Wray Jr., and his mother, Gilda Wray, in New York City. His father practiced law at Debevoise & Plimpton in New York. The mother of the FBI detective is a senior program officer at the Charles Hayden Foundation, which funds youth initiatives in New York and Boston.

Christopher Wray's father, Cecil A. Wray Jr, and his mother, Gilda Wray
Christopher Wray's father, Cecil A. Wray Jr, and his mother, Gilda Wray( Source : Heavy )

His grandfather previously used to work as Brentwood, Tennessee's city manager, from 1971 until 1973.

On the other hand, his maternal great-grandfather, Taylor Malone, co-founded and served as President of Malone & Hyde, one of the South's major wholesale food corporations. He was also a Vanderbilt University graduate.

Whereas his maternal grandfather, Samuel E. Gates, was a representative of the Bureau of Air Commerce, who helped develop the regulations that regulate national and international airline flights.

The FBI director married his beautiful wife, Helen Wray, in 1989. The couple has a son named Trip and a daughter, Caroline Wray. He lives in Georgia with his family.

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