Fans Thinks Christina Trevanion Has Separated From Husband, Aaron Dean In 2022

Christina Trevanion is a British auctioneer and television presenter.
Christina Trevanion is a British auctioneer and television presenter.( Source : wikipedia )

Christina Trevanion might have parted ways with her husband, Aaron Dean, in 2022. But due to a lack of concrete evidence, Chistina and Aaron's separation is still a mystery.

She is an auctioneer and television host from Britain. Trevanion, who had previously served at Christie's, launched the company alongside her partner, Aaron Dean.

The auctioneer has over fifteen years of experience as a valuer focused on jewelry, silver, and timepieces. Trevanion has worked with Christie's, Halls, and Hansons.

She is a well-known figure on daytime television who is well known for being the host of the popular BBC daytime show Bargain Hunt and serving as an authority on the shows Antiques Road Trip, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Flog It!

She is a passionate philanthropist who frequently performs charity auctions and gives presentations and lectures to local organizations.

Recently, the host has partnered with Will Kirk from the Repair Shop to collaborate in BBC's The Travelling Auctioneers. This news has made headlines in online media.

Christina Trevanion Separated from Her Husband, Aaron Dean, In 2022

Christina Trevanion married her husband, Aaron Dean, and they lived happily together.

Since there isn't much information about the auctioneer's marriage, Christina prefers to retain her relationships with her family and not outsiders.

The television presenter did, however, provide her followers a small glimpse into her family life in December 2021 when Trevanion made a joke about her divorce from her husband.

The auctioneer tweeted on her Twitter account, "Has put up Christmas lights ever been mentioned in divorce papers? I'm looking for a buddy or my husband."

The tweet got much more attention from people and followers of Christina. As a result, people started to assume Trevanion and Dean might have divorced after reading the tweet.

However, the television host, not Aaron Dean, has confirmed their separation. As a result, the pair might live happily together under the same roof.

According to an online source, the Shropshire-based company Trevanion & Dean, established in 2015 by Christina and her husband, is headquartered there.

Christina Trevanion with her husband, Aaron Dean
Christina Trevanion with her husband, Aaron Dean ( Source : inbeat )

Later, the television host took over the company from her husband in 2019. At the time of his husband's departure, Dean stated that he was thrilled that her wife was now running the company.

Aaron also mentioned that he was eager to witness its success under his wife's direction. Unfortunately, only a few details or information about Trevanion's husband are available online.

It claims that the couple tied marital knots in 2014. Unfortunately, publicly available data can only validate the precise timing or marriage location.

Aaron decided to move to Cheshire with his to establish long-term roots and take a career gap. In 2021, Dean entered the field again, working with Adam Partridge as a senior valuer and auctioneer.

The specialist is particularly passionate about books, old papers, and furniture. Christina's husband's areas of expertise include fine art, clocks, and other artworks.

Trevanion's spouse attended Southampton Solent University to study acceptable art valuation before working for Dreweatt's in Newbury.

After climbing the corporate ladder, Aaron relocated to Gorringes in Lewes as a valuer and cataloguer. He returned to Shropshire in 2013 to be near his family.

Where Is Christina Trevanion Now?

As of 2022, Christina Trevanion still needs to update her whereabouts to her followers or in the media.

But after observing her Instagram, the host was seen on the set with @bbccin three days before, on November 13, 2022.

The auctioneer needs to be more active on her social media handles. Hence, getting updates on Christina's life takes a bit of work for her fans and followers.

A couple of months before, Will Kirk partnered up with auctioneering specialist Christina Trevanion in The Travelling Auctioneers, a brand-new format developed and produced by STV Studios for BBC One Daytime.

In the show, Will and Christina must first determine the goods with the most selling potential as they go through each family house one at a time.

Then, Will utilizes his remarkable craft and restoration abilities to breathe new life into forgotten gems while Christina draws on her connections and auctioneer knowledge.

Christina and her husband, Aaron, are the parents of two girls. Hence, Trevanion might be spending time with her daughters.

Christina Trevanion partnered with @bbccin
Christina Trevanion partnered with @bbccin ( Source : instagram )

The auctioneer seldom talks about her kids; however, Christina said they are engaging with her antique collection.

Trevanion mentioned that she had an electric mix of gathered objects when describing her favorite house furnishings to Antique Collecting in 2016.

As a mother of two young children, Christina stated she had an eclectic mix of inherited family heirlooms and special saleroom purchases. The television host's 18th-century teapot collection got stored away till they became a bit older.

As per multiple reports, the auctioneer is a busy mother to two girls when she is not working on films or at Trevanion Auctioneers.

Viewers can get closer to Christina Trevanion by following her on her Instagram handle with the username @CTrevanion.

The television host joined Twitter on March 2013 and has accumulated over 43.3k followers while uploading 6054 tweets.

Christina has also set up her website with her domain name The website features buying, selling, news, and auctions option at its navigation bar.

Christina Trevanion Age

Christina Trevanion is currently 41 years old and was born to her father, David Trevanion, and mother, Hazel Trevanion, in England.

Trevanion's mother loved closet auctions and adorned her house with various antiques. Christina consequently began attending auctions at a young age and was exposed to the world of antiques.

Christina got raised in Whitchurch, Cheshire, alongside her two sisters, Nicola and Morwenna Trevanion. Later, she attended university in Southhampton, where Trevanion majored in fine arts valuation.

After graduation, the auctioneer worked at some of the most prestigious auction houses in the UK before founding her own auction business, Trevanion Auctioneers & Valuers, in 2014.

As per Wikipedia, the auctioneer stands tall at 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m). Unfortunately, Trevanion has not disclosed her last recorded weight to the general public.

In 2018, Christina received a Fellow designation and joined the National Association of Valuers and Auctioneers.

Christina Trevanion uploaded picture of her with bunny in her Instagram profile.
Christina Trevanion uploaded picture of her with bunny in her Instagram profile. ( Source : instagram )

The host is also a member of the esteemed Society of Jewellery Historians and the Arts Society. Fellows are only given to the nation's most highly trained and experienced auctioneers.

She has experience valuing jewelry, silver, and watches and previously worked at the renowned British auction house Christie's.

The auctioneer is a partner of the Whitchurch, Shropshire-based auctioneers, and valuers Trevanion & Dean.

The television host has appeared as an antiques expert and auctioneer on several BBC daytime television shows, including Bargain Hunt, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, Antiques Road Trip, and Flog It!

Christina is currently Will Kirk's co-presenter on a new show called The Traveling Auctioneers.

The television host has furthermore participated in Bargain Hunt as an expert and subsequently as a presenter, a job she has referred to as a complete honor and a joy because the show is a national and worldwide institution.

Although the celebrity uses Instagram, the auctioneer emphasizes how she prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye and shares very little information about her marriage.

One can explore the television host on her Instagram handle with her username @christinatrevanion.

Trevanion has uploaded over 170 posts and gathered more than 30.5k followers on her Instagram account.

Most of the presenter's account is devoted to her professional activities, while there are a few pictures of her pet animals.

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