Chris Stirewalt New Job In The Dispatch Leaving Fox News, A Star Witness In Jan 6 Testimony

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Former Fox political editor Chris Stirewalt said Friday that he will testify at the House January 6 committee's next public hearing on Monday.

He is currently a political editor for The Dispatch and News Nation.

Stirewalt has previously served as a political editor for The Washington Examiner, the Charleston Daily Mail, and West Virginia Media.

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Chris Stirewalt's New Job In The Dispatch Leaving Fox News 

Christopher W. Stirewalt is The Dispatch's American political editor after leaving Fox News Channel, which he joined in July 2010.

He left the network as part of a business restructure that has resulted in the elimination of over a dozen employees. Fox News did not respond, claiming employee confidentiality.

However, multiple sources within the network who were not permitted to speak publicly confirmed Stirewalt's resignation in Jan 2021. According to LAtimes, Fox News management described the job cuts as part of the network's continuous downsizing.

However, Stirewalt was most likely targeted because of his participation in the network's decision to call Arizona for President-elect Joe Biden on election night.

Stirewalt worked in the company's digital branch, creating newsletters and podcasts as well as political commentary for the television side.

Inside Fox News, there is widespread suspicion that some committed fans have abandoned the network in protest of the decision to hand Arizona and its 11 electoral votes to Biden.

Even though the first call was true and validated, Fox News received opposition from the Trump campaign and Arizona state officials. The call weakened Trump's ability to mount a credible challenge to the state's results, infuriating Trump's ardent supporters(LA Times).

To justify the choice, Fox News had to send Stirewalt and members of its decision desk, who came up with the data that led to the prediction, on the air with its anchors.

Stirewalt joined the American Enterprise Institute as a resident fellow in April 2021, after leaving Fox News after a decade of service.

Chris Stirewalt reporting on Fox News
Chris Stirewalt reporting on Fox News

As a member of the politics and public opinion team, he will concentrate on American politics, public opinion, and political trends, as well as the media.

He also worked for the dispatch as a contributing editor and a weekly writer. Stirewalt also joined Nexstar's nonpartisan news endeavor, NewsNation on May 24, 2022.

Stirewalt will "offer impartial and factual political commentary throughout the election season," according to NewsNation. News Nation debuted in the fall of 2020 with a three-hour primetime program.

However, it has expanded into other dayparts, such as a morning block and late- and early-evening newscasts.

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Meet Chris Stirewalt's Wife and Family 

Chris Stirewalt was born to his family in Wheeling, West Virginia. His parents were natives of West Virginia, where he graduated in 1993.

He is currently 46 years, however, he still appears to be single, which has raised questions about his sexuality. There was a story going around regarding his love life, reportedly, he was dating Dana Perino.

But it was simply a myth because they are only co-hosts. Dana, on the other hand, has been married to Peter McMahon since 1998. 

Chris has an estimated net worth of $1million being worked in the media for many years and has numerous years of experience as a journalist. He earns a substantial lump of income.

Chris's annual salary is estimated to be $85,500. He does not reveal how much money he makes.

Chris is a diligent and industrious man when it comes to his career. He has a high worth and has worked for several media outlets for over 18 years.

Furthermore, following his departure from Fox News, he has been connected with various networks, which is projected to increase his earnings in the near future.

Chris Stirewalt Is A Witness For Jan 6 Hearing

Chris Stirewalt, a former Fox political editor has stated that he will testify at January 6th Committee hearing at the next public hearing on Monday.

"I have been invited to testify before this committee and will do so on Monday," he stated on NewsNation, where he works as the political editor.

Stirewalt was dismissed by Fox in January 2021, following a right-wing outcry for the network accurately called Arizona for now-President Joe Biden during the 2020 presidential election.

 Stirewalt stated in a Los Angeles Times column following his termination that many of former President Donald Trump's supporters' inability to trust the election results were a "tragic consequence of the nation's informational malnourishment."

"I am not in a position today to tell you what my testimony will be about," Stirewalt stated during the NewsNation interview.

"I was invited to testify, and I got to go," he added. CNN reported that he chastised both parties for politicizing the January 6 probe, saying, "From a letter to post, these two parties have fouled it up."

When confronted about his comments, Stirewalt told CNN, "I'll let my on-air words speak for themselves."

The House select committee investigating January 6, 2021, US Capitol attack had its first prime-time hearing Thursday evening. The hearing discussed the panel's findings and showcased fresh footage from closed-door depositions of Trump's staff portraying the Capitol carnage.

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