What Is TikTok's Viral 'Chicken Salad' Trend?

After the video got viral, the owner said that he is making triple the amount than he usually makes!
After the video got viral, the owner said that he is making triple the amount than he usually makes! ( Source : youtube )

'It's a Chicken Salad,' now everyone is trying this salad on TikTok!

If you are there on TikTok, you must know which trend this is about. This trend became viral when millions of people tried this viral chicken salad after one user uploaded it.

The salad is from East 81St. Deli in Cleveland, Ohio. The owner of East 81st. Deli in Ohio mentioned that before the video got viral, he used to sell 40 chicken salads a day, and now the sales have increased to 300. Since Godfre's video got mainstreamed, he's been recording his other customers, who are also trying the viral chicken salad at his place!

This video was posted on August 28th, 2022, which attracted many views and became a trend.

How To Do TikTok's Viral "It's A Chicken Salad' Challenge?

"It's a chicken salad." Millions of videos are currently being uploaded under this sound as a challenge!

Herbwai said that he hasn't had a day off since the video got viral. He even had to hire extra employees to handle the customers.
Herbwai said that he hasn't had a day off since the video got viral. He even had to hire extra employees to handle the customers. ( Source : sandrarose )

Many people are in love with her personality and how she said, "It's a chicken salad." Most people are getting their regular chicken salad and uploading under the sound of Tanisha Godfrey.

One person even commented that her saying "chicken salad" makes her want to buy it. Other than that, people are also mimicking how she speaks and uploading the video of them trying a chicken salad on TikTok!

The video got so viral that even famous TikTok stars and media personalities like Lizzo, Tia Mowry, Trisha Paytas, and other folks across the TikTok community are following the trend.

The owner, Herbwai, mentioned that people are traveling from California to Ohio to try his viral chicken salad!

Since the video has skyrocketed, people across different states and countries have come to the 81St Deli, Ohio, to try the viral chicken salad.  There are almost 94,000 videos under the same sound where people are using Godfrey's sound to try a chicken salad and other yummy meals! 

Ohio 81St. Deli Viral Chicken Salad

More than the ingredients in the salad, Godfrey's voice is making Ohio's 81St. Deli chicken salad is more viral.

Herbwai, the owner of Ohio's 81St. Street Deli.
Herbwai, the owner of Ohio's 81St. Street Deli. ( Source : bonappetit )

The trend got so viral that it was even featured on CNN News.

The owner, Herbwai, shared the complete list of ingredients he uses in his chicken salad, but he didn't share his secret house recipe. But he adds some mix of lettuce, romaine, spinach, kale, cherry tomatoes, hard boil eggs, pickles, cucumbers, cheese, croutons, banana peppers, jalapenos, and chicken.

For the secret ingredient, which might be a salad dressing, he said to come to his restaurant and try it! After all, "it's a chicken salad."

After the video went viral, Herbwai said that he would thank Godfrey for doing something special to make his restaurant popular among people. Godfrey mentioned that she plans on making more food-review videos by trying other eateries in Cleveland.

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