Chad Hiltz' Illness And Health Update: Is He Suffering From Disease?

Chad Hiltz is known for being in the Bad Chad Customs ( Source : Medium )

Chad Hiltz is a Tv personality known for being in the discovery channel's show Bad Chad Customs since 2019.

Chad has been into cars from a young age and took the auto body course at 16. He spent most of his childhood in his father's gas station and watching the old car drive into the Gas Station.

His father was also a car enthusiast, and both of them fixed a car together. His father owned some vehicles, and his mother had 46 Dodge.

Hiltz is now the owner of one of Green Goblin Customs, and he runs Bad Chad Customs shop known for its car customization and restoration services/

Chad Hiltz's Illness And Health Update

Chad Hiltz seems to be doing fine and is not suffering from any illness, as he has not shared any health issues with the public through his social media accounts.

He was also seen sharing about the car's customization on his Facebook account, bad chad. So he seems healthy and actively works with the vehicles.

Chad customizing and restoring an old car
Chad customizing and restoring an old car( Source : Instagram )

Chad has been working with cars from a young age, and he sold his hockey card to buy a 34 Ford three-window coupe which he and his father fixed together.

He was known for his creative creations that arose from his imagination. His car customization is always creative and resourceful, and he tries to incorporate anything like parts of boats and old lockers into car build parts.

Hiltz's appearance on the discovery channel in the show Bad Customs came to the attention of many viewers, and he rose to fame through the show.

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Where Is Chad Hiltz Now?

Chad Hiltz is seen in the show Bad Customs, which comes on the discovery channel. He is seen busy customizing cars with his imagination and creativity.

He had shown his recent car customization on the Facebook account, Bad customs. Similarly, he has a website dedicated to his shop, Bad customs, where you can buy merch also.

He seems to be enjoying his work in his shop and is seen actively sharing his work progress on his social media accounts.

Chad Hiltz's Net Worth In 2022

The net worth of Chad Hiltz is estimated to be $1 million to $2 million in 2022.

He earns well from his Bad Customs shop and his appearance in the Disney Show. He started being seen in the show in 2019.

He is living his dreams with his job and earning a decent amount of money.

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Who Is Chad Hiltz's Wife?

Chad Hiltz was previously married but is currently engaged to his girlfriend, Jolene Maclntyre. He became a father at 16, had to look after his daughter, and worked in the grain mill.

There are not many details about who the mother of the girl was, and he has not shared about it.

Chad with his fiancé Jolene
Chad with his fiancé Jolene( Source : Instagram )

He then met a girl named Mosher and fell in love with her. Similarly, they got married adn had their first daughter, Harlee, but they got separated later.

Hiltz met Jolene and found love again in his life, and after dating for a while, he got engaged on August 12, 2017.

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