Get To Know Casey Neistat's Two Daughters: Georgie and Francine

Casey Neistat is an YouTube personality from America who is also a filmmaker, vlogger and co-founder of the multimedia company Beme
Casey Neistat is an YouTube personality from America who is also a filmmaker, vlogger and co-founder of the multimedia company Beme( Source : wikipedia )

Casey Neistat And His Wife, Candice Pool, Have Daughters, Georgie & Francine.

Casey Owen Neistat is a renowned digital content creator at YouTube and co-founder of the multimedia business Beme, which CNN subsequently purchased.

The public also knows the creator as a professional filmmaker, vlogger, and YouTube star. The co-founder established 368 in 2018, a communal area for artists to work together.

In 2003, Neistat made a three-minute video called iPod's Dirty Secret. It drew attention worldwide and blasted Apple for not offering a battery replacement program for their iPod series of portable music players.

The short clip garnered a lot of media coverage and brought the company's replacement policy for iPod batteries to light. The content published by Casey got described as "wonderfully renegade" by The Washington Post.

Casey caught people's attention and made headlines as the YouTuber participated with other renowned actors and pro athletes in the Big Apple race, which got completed on November 6.

Neistat has also given speeches on subjects relevant to filmmaking and his own experiences, presenting public lectures, speaking at The Nantucket Project, and giving a TEDx presentation at TEDxParkerSchool.

Casey Neistat's Daughters: Meet Georgie and Francine

Casey Neistat is the caring father of her two-daughter named, Georgie and Francine.

Francine was born to her father and mother on December 6, 2014. As of 2022, Francine is currently 7 years old.

Georgie Neistat, Neistat's daughter, was born on October 14, 2018, four years after her elder sister Francine was born. While still in her mother's womb, Georgie got initially introduced to the fans.

Casey and his wife announced their plans to conceive a second child on June 7, 2018.

Candice addressed Francine calling the unborn kid watermelon in a video that the YouTuber shared to announce his wife was pregnant.

Casey's wife added that her older daughter used to inquire whether Georgie, the unborn child, was dozing off. Then Francine used to attach herself to Candice's belly to hear her unborn sister.

Georgie Neistat, the daughter of Casey Neistat, has an English name that means "farmer" or "tiller of the soil."

Casey Neistat holding hands of his two daughters, Georgi and Francine
Casey Neistat holding hands of his two daughters, Georgi and Francine ( Source : instagram )

The filmmaker also had a son, Owen, from his previous relationship with his wife, Candice. The vlogger visited his son once a week, never allowing their separation to affect their relationship as father and son.

Speaking about Owen plays a crucial role in Casey's life. Owen is Georgie's half-brother.

Additionally, Casey's son enjoys excellent ties with his two half-sisters. At Georgie's birth, Candice was joined by Owen.

Casey is a loving and caring father who loves all his children. All the love and care can be seen in the photographs uploaded by the YouTuber on his Instagram handle.

Neistat followers get to see the interaction and engagement between Casey and his children as he uploads pictures with them on his social media account in a regular manner.

In one Instagram post of Casey, he tried to recreate a photograph at the exact location, one with his elder daughter, Francine and the other with both daughters holding his hands.

Who Is Casey Neistat Wife, Candice Pool?

Casey Neistat has tied the marital knot with his beautiful wife, Candice Pool. After eloping in 2005, the couple quickly had their marriage dissolved.

After reigniting Casey's and Candice's passion eight years later, they were engaged for nine months before marriage in Cape Town.

Their podcast Couples Therapy with Candice and Casey is hosted by them, and they currently live in New York with their two daughters.

As of 2022, Pool is currently 45 years old. Casey's wife was born to her parents on October 19, 1977, in her hometown, Cape Town, South Africa.

Later, Pool moved with her family to Texas when she was a year old.

Candice accepted a friend's invitation to go to New York when she was in her early twenties and worked as a bartender for a year before switching to a job as a receptionist.

Neistat's spouse continued to pursue her passion while working as a bartender by creating a few pieces of jewelry and selling them door to door.

Casey Neistat kissing his wife, Candice Pool.
Casey Neistat kissing his wife, Candice Pool. ( Source : instagram )

Later, Candice assembled Finn Jewelry using the known information and expertise she had acquired while working as a receptionist.

Pool founded her business, Finn Jewelry, in 2005 and spent a year developing it as a traditional jewelry brand.

She has selected a range of western, wedding, and traditional jewelry and works as the company's creative director and jewelry designer.

By 2009, Casey's wife had purchased an industrial loft, which she had turned into a gallery where she could exhibit various collections divisions.

Candice's business gained prominence as she rose through the ranks, and soon Finn Jewelry got nominated for a Vogue Fashion Fund Award.

People can learn more about Pool through her verified Instagram account with her username @candicepool.

The founder has amassed over 49.6k followers and uploaded 63 posts to her profile. Candice usually uploads pictures of her daily activities to keep her fans updated about her life.

Candice also has her LinkedIn profile set up, which features all her activity and experience on one page.

Casey Neistat Age

As of 2022, Casey Neistat is currently 41 years old.

The YouTuber was born to her father, Robin Harris, and mother in Gales Ferry, Connecticut, USA.

Casey and his three siblings, Van Neistat, Dean Neistat, and Jordan Neistat, were brought up in Reformed Judaism, a religious movement that abandoned traditional Jewish values to keep up with contemporary culture.

At 17, Neistat left high school during his second year. The internet celebrity worked as a short-order cook in Mystic, Connecticut, and as a dishwasher at a seafood restaurant.

The filmmaker later relocated to New York and got hired as a bike messenger there. Neistat was a creative young guy who was enthusiastic about becoming a director.

Casey teamed with his brother Van in 2001 to produce a movie for the artist Tom Sachs. They collaborated on a film that showcased the artist's installations and sculptures.

After creating a 3-minute clip titled iPod's Dirty Secret in 2003, Neistat experienced success.

Casey Neistat caught in the frame before running in the New York City Marathon.
Casey Neistat caught in the frame before running in the New York City Marathon. ( Source : instagram )

Neistat worked on making the 2008 movie The Neistat Brothers, which is about their formative years. Casey and Van wrote the movie's storyline and served as directors.

Unquestionably, Casey Neistat is one of the most popular YouTubers. On February 16, 2010, the vlogger joined the platform to advance his filmmaking profession.

Most of Neistat's film got shot in New York, where he claims to have been employed for more than ten years.

The internet star focuses on the daily lives of New Yorkers and primarily attacks organizations or divisions that exploit the citizens of the country's most populated metropolis.

Casey's YouTube channel started to gain popularity after he began a program that required him to upload the fresh video to his channel every day.

The YouTube celebrity and filmmaker Casey Neistat has created everything from apps to podcasts to movies.

Neistat is available on the Instagram platform with his username @caseyneistat. The renowned filmmaker has accumulated over 3 million loyal followers and uploaded 1973 posts.

Casey usually uploads pictures and reels of his daily life experience with his family and professional career on his social site to keep his followers engaged with his life.

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