Sheri Rose Shepherd Illness And Health Update -What Happened To Her?

Sheri Rose Shepherd Is Award-winning Author Of His Princess Book ( Source : Instagram )

Sheri Rose Shepherd illness has been reported as Dyslexia. However, in her earlier days, she struggled with bulimia and suicidal thoughts before she met Jesus.

Sheri Rose tirelessly ministered full-time on behalf of God for 25 years. She believed the enemy could not topple her family because of her dedication to God's work and marriage to a Christian guy.

She suddenly lost everything she loved five years ago. Sheri Rose says, "I questioned where God was and why this was happening to me after being faithful in serving Him for 25 years.

Cancer: Sheri Rose Shepherd Illness And Health Update

Sheri Rose Shepherd had Dyslexia when she was young and also faced tough times due to bulimia and depression. She is a woman who can identify with the struggles of practically all women.

Shepherd is aware of the suffering caused by a dysfunctional family and understands what it is to struggle to overcome one's past.

The former Mrs. United States was an obese teen from a chaotic family. Sheri struggled with depression and an eating disorder as a young woman.

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Sheri Rose became a Best Selling Author with more than One Million volumes sold.

Sheri Rose with her Father
Sheri Rose with her Father( Source : Instagram )

Her most recent book earned the 2010 Retailer's Choice Non-Fiction Book of the Year despite her English teacher telling her "she was intended and born to lose" and had a learning disability called Dyslexia.

Sheri Rose has spoken at churches and women's retreats for twenty years. She has a really unique way of bringing the Bible to life.

She is adept at restoring our hearts' Eternal Hope. Her engaging delivery style encourages everyone to live lives that matter for all eternity.

What Happened To Sheri Rose Shepherd and Where Is She Now?

Sheri Rose Shepherd even had Cancer, and that illness made her life closer to God. Her boils appeared as malignant tumors all over her lymphatic system.

Shepherd 25-year marriage terminated at the same time, and she was given eight weeks for her survival.

She was distraught, but she decided to let God help her rebuild from the wreckage of her life.

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Sheri Rose has acquired several life lessons that have helped her through difficult times, some of which are listed here.

Sheri with her daughter Emmy
Sheri with her daughter Emmy( Source : Instagram )

According to, she wrote, "my life was utterly destroyed seven years ago! Job's skin boils are precisely how my life is described in the Bible, but I have cancerous tumors all over my lymphatic system instead.

Furthermore, she said, "But I was able to reverse the curse by making difficult decisions with the guidance of the Holy Spirit."

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