The "Can She Pull Off" TikTok Trend Explained

TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world at the moment and its cultural impact is undeniable.
TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world at the moment and its cultural impact is undeniable.( Source : researchleap )

TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world at the moment, and its cultural impact is undeniable.

Due to its status as a short-form video website, people can consume a lot of TikTok videos in a short amount of time. This nature of the app leads to various viral trends and moments that seem insular in the culture.

Many people, called TikTok influencers, have built entire careers out of either making or becoming popular through these trends.

One example is the "Can She Pull Off" trend that has been appearing on many people's TikTok pages. The trend is when people, especially women, show a list of things and ask if she can pull it off.

Then they show a picture or a video of themselves pulling off the particular trend, and as imaginable, it has become a viral trend.

What Is The "Can She Pull Off" Trend On TikTok?

The "Can She Pull Off" trend on TikTok is targeted toward young women looking to show off their beauty. 

The original template of the trend was first showing a list of four traits: hair down, hair up, filter, and no filter, under the heading: Can She Pull Off?

Then, the person taking the video would show either a picture or video of themselves with their hair up, their hair down, with a filter, and then finally, without a filter. 

This original template was in a dark font on a clear background, but since it started becoming popular, many people have started putting their own instructions under the question of "Can She Pull Off?"

The original template for the can she pull off challenge
The original template for the can she pull off challenge ( Source : tiktok )

Some of the popular ones are straight hair, curly hair, glasses, and mirror pic.

Young women seem to be eating up this trend, and are the biggest users of the template, though some members of the LGBT also are partaking in it.

Even more, some people have taken to using fancams with the trend where they use the template of the trend but put various female KPop stars underneath each instruction of the template. 

How To Do The "Can She Pull Off" Challenge? 

The way to do the "Can She Pull Off" challenge is very easy provided that one is already a pretty female.

All one needs to do is assign the templates they think they look best in. 

For example, one of the reasons why people use the hair up, hair down, filter, and no filter look is because that is the simplest one to do.

If one chooses to follow those templates, then all one has to do is use a picture of oneself with their hair up for the hair-up template. Many people have used pictures and videos of themselves with their hair up or wearing specific hairstyles where their hair is up.

The adjusted template for the Can She Pull Off Challenge
The adjusted template for the Can She Pull Off Challenge ( Source : tiktok )

People with longer hair seem to be more favored in this trend because they have more choices in what to do with their hair up, and as such, they have an easier time with it. Still, people with shorter hair can simply spike their hair and do the trend.

For the hair-down template, it's fair game for anyone, regardless of hair length, because people naturally have their hair down. 

People with shorter hair seem to have a leg up under this template because they have more options with what they can do here.

However, many people with longer hair have also used this template to show off various hairstyles. The third template would then be a filter. Here, people usually use a picture they took with a filter on.

The Can She Pull Off Challenge is an example of a TikTok trend
The Can She Pull Off Challenge is an example of a TikTok trend ( Source : invideo )

Most people use either Snapchat or Instagram filters and simply post whatever result they see.

However, some people are shrewder and use the filter to erase whatever flaws they think they have in the picture. Others take a more comedic approach and use filters to make themselves seem goofy and eccentric but still beautiful.

Lastly, there is the no-filter template, where people simply post a picture of themselves without a filter and use it to show off that they are naturally beautiful or as a bid at humility.

Either way, the trend is a great way for people to show off their beauty in many different ways and does wonders to boost their self-esteem and engagement.

However, it seems that stereotypically beautiful people have co-opted the trend.  Still, it is a trend, so it can stay or go away depending on its success.

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