Caleb Pressley Net Worth In 2023 Shows His Success

Caleb shared a photo on IG captioned 'Why you gotta fight'
Caleb shared a photo on IG captioned 'Why you gotta fight' ( Source : instagram )

Caleb Pressley is an American blogger who has a net worth of $5 million. Pressley earns a good amount of money from his successful YouTube career.

Caleb has been interested in sports since he was a child. He even played football professionally. Beginning with high school football and progressing to professional football, he took his retirement far too seriously. However, that did not stop him from keeping a connection with sports.

Even though he stopped playing, he started meeting sports personalities and chatting with them. He turned his interest into a profession and is now renowned as a sports interviewer, content creator, podcaster, vlogger, and social media influencer.

Since joining the Barstool Sports YouTube channel and hosting the program Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley, his star has risen even higher.

The channel regularly uploads new sports interview videos on Sundays and receives over 500K views within minutes of being uploaded.

Before his current podcast, he appeared in podcasts like Young & Happy, The Caleb Pressly Show, and 51 strokes.

Caleb Pressley Net Worth

Caleb Pressley has a net worth of $5 million. Pressley has multiple sources of income as a notable figure.

Pressley is currently busy with his YouTube podcast interviews on Barstool Sport's channel, "Sundae Conversations." Concerning his collaboration with the company, he was initially invited to the Rundown show as a guest interviewee.

He got the chance to attend the program as a guest because of his role as Supervisor of the Morale of the football team, the North Carolina Tar Heels.

The founder of Barstool, Dave Portney, was surprised at how well Pressley handled the interview. After the interview was over, Dave offered him a job at the company. Pressley, after his graduation in 2015, started working for Barstool Sports, nourishing it with some comedic skills.

Caleb enjoying his holiday at Austin, Texas on September 23, 2018
Caleb enjoying his holiday at Austin, Texas on September 23, 2018( Source : instagram )

The first project Pressley did with Barstool Sports was the Dixie Tour. The project was more focused on covering college football across the United States.

Not just as the host, he has also served Barstool as a journalist and blog writer.

For the last seven years, Pressley has been working with Barstool. He has amassed an appealing amount of fortune from his full-time profession.

Furthermore, his fortune has increased due to his fame and popularity gained through social media platforms and his merchandise business.

How Much Money Does Caleb Pressley Have?

Caleb Pressley owns a tremendous amount of money, estimated at $5000000. He makes money as a blogger and on other social media sites.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a vlogger in the United States as of February 2023 is $72,640. Besides vlogging, he earns an attractive amount from various platforms, which we will discuss here. 

Pressley works for Barstool Sports. He conducts interviews with sports personalities. He also makes money from merch (via the Barstool Store), content creation, and social media. As a football player, he used to make $450,000 annually. 

YouTube Earnings

Caleb Pressley monthly and yearly earnings from YouTube
Caleb Pressley monthly and yearly earnings from YouTube ( Source : socialblade )

Caleb Pressley is active on YouTube as well. More than on his channel, he is active on Barstool Sport's channel, Sundae Conversation.

Even though the channel was created on October 28, 2022, it has reached its peak in terms of subscribers within less than a year. 

The channel has earned 72.4K subscribers and posts videos once a week, mostly on Sundays. Each video receives over 500K views within a few days of its release. The channel has already uploaded nearly thirty videos. 

Merchandise Sales

Merchandise from the website Barstool Store is another source that helps him increase his income even more. 

The website sells tees, hats, sportswear, sweatshirts, polos, etc. The best-selling items are the Barstool Golf Hoodies, Hats, and Crewneck.

The price ranges from around $30 to $80 for the items. The website and new arrivals are updated regularly. 

Instagram and TikTok

Caleb has amassed 1.2 million followers on his official Instagram handle. He earns around $10,000 per post annually thanks to his huge number of followers and short reels. 

His reels, which mostly feature clips of interviews with sports figures, have received over 4.8 million views at their peak. 

He has acquired 1.5 million followers on his TikTok account under the username @calebpressley. He mostly posts short videos from his interviews with different personalities. 

Every post or short clip on his TikTok account that crosses a million views earns around $30. 

His TikTok posts have earned up to 8.4 million views to date. Also, he advertises Barstool Sports on his account.

Caleb Pressley Is An American Blogger

Caleb posted his picture, wearing a jumper from his merchandised website on his Facebook account on January 4, 2017
Caleb posted his picture, wearing a jumper from his merchandised website on his Facebook account on January 4, 2017( Source : facebook )

Caleb Pressley is a renowned name in the field of American blogging. Pressley earned a huge fan following at a young age.

Pressley is well-known as the sports interviewer for Barstool Sports.

Barstool Sports is an American blog website and digital media company that produces content on sports and pop culture. He hosts the program named "Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley."

He is 30 years old and was born on November 13, 1992. His parents, Billy Joe Pressley (a race car driver) and Heather Lee raised him in his birthplace, Asheville, North Carolina, United States, where he still lives in the same city.

Regarding his educational qualifications, he holds a bachelor's degree from the University of North Carolina, majoring in arts.

Also, he studied in Scotland in the spring semester (2014). Moreover, he enrolled at A.C. Reynolds High School in his hometown.

In high school, he played American football as a quarterback for four years. Not only football, but he was also active in basketball and track and field when he was in high school. Being self-interested and a former player may have influenced him to become a sports interviewer.

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