Viewers are worried after seeing one of their favorite characters played by Calen Castille go missing from NCIS LA. However, so far, there is no indication of the actor leaving the show, so there is not much to worry about.

Let's find out what exactly is going on in the show.

Calen plays the role of agent Devin Roundtree, which people have liked for the authenticity and charisma he brought to the screen. Calen has been part of numerous projects, but his appearance in NCIS LA has turned him into a star.

He is a person with an interesting career trajectory. At first, he was not in the acting field but was in Football and played collegiate championship, but later decided that he want to pursue acting as a career.

Viewers Question Whether Caleb Castille Is Still On NCIS LA

NCIS's fans are wondering whether they will see Caleb as Agent Roundtree or not because he is missing from the screen. As of now, it looks like they will see him in the role for more time.

He's missing from the show does not indicate that he is leaving the show. On Instagram, he has still written in his bio that Special Agent Devin Rountree, so it is highly unlikely if he was leaving the show to write it.

On top of that, his profile on Instagram has his picture wearing NCIS written vest. He has more than 29,000 followers on Instagram. His social media is a great place to catch up with his ongoing activities in life.

He sometimes shares the scene footage of the show. There is no doubt in viewers' minds that the actor has incredible capabilities, so he has a great future in the entertainment industry.

Where Exactly Is Agent Roundtree From The Show?

As per the post on Caleb's Instagram, the actor who plays Agent Roundtree, he is in shooting LA. thus, in the next episode, it can be expected that the actor will be seen in the show.

Maybe then, there might be some clarification about his missing from the show. It is not uncommon for the actors to go missing for a while in NCIS. In the past too, many characters disappeared and reappeared.

It can be expected that Caleb is probably loving the audience's attention toward him after he was not seen in the show. He started his acting career at Woodlawn in 2015. He was also seen in commercial ads of Air Jordan and Nike.

It looks like his decision to leave professional football to pursue acting is serving him right.