What Is C Slur Meaning On TikTok? New Trending Word Explanation- Details To Know

What Is C Slur Meaning On TikTok? Get updated on the recent ongoings on social media that have garnered the world's attention!

C Slur has become one of the most searched terms on the video-sharing platform TikTok. TikTokers worldwide is intrigued to know more about its meaning and its trend.

In much time, speaking on C Slur has become a trend as it detects the issue of racism.

Through the awareness of the c slur, many TikTokers hope to end the racial discrimination against the Asian and Southeast Asian population.

What Is C Slur Meaning On TikTok? Known Its Meaning On Urban Dictionary

C Slur literally means the racial remark in the Asian people's eyes, according to its meaning on many TikTok videos.

Known for their smaller eyes, the East Asian people have often been remarked by the 'C-word. The word is now branded as a racist term, and its use has instigated racial discussions around the web.

@negartavassoli #fypシ #foryoupage #racialslurs #cslur #poc #eastasia #southeastasia #racism ♬ original sound - negar

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According to Urban Dictionary, the C slur refers to degrading the names of Asian people and their eyes.

As the fights for racial equality have become more prominent, the use of C slurs has reduced. Meanwhile, many people have been called out on social media if found using the C slur.

C Slur is reported to have been first used against Chinese people but now has expanded to all people of Asian appearance. 

It was started in North America and is mainly prevalent in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and India. 

C Slur TikTok Trend Explanation

C Slur's meaning and awareness trend have taken over TikTok and many other social media platforms.

Many TikTokers have come forward explaining the slur and its impact on the Asian people around the world. Many are unhappy with its prevalence as discrimination and mockery against Asian people have not stopped yet.

@xuchihaobito @velocitychase :( #zoecslur #zoeisnotracist2020 ♬ original sound - .

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Likewise, as TikTok has heated with the popularity of C slur videos, many notable personalities have been called out for glorifying it.

World-famous artist Nicki Minaj is on the top of the list for her song "Your Love," which was released in 2010.

TikTokers have explained how Minaj sexualized the Kimono, the national dress of Japan, in her music video.

Likewise, Minaj's further 2010 public appearances, where she was photographed using chopsticks as hair accessories and even using the 'C-word on her song lyrics, have outraged the netizens.

As more than a decade has passed since the song's release, Minaj has not responded to the complaints yet.

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