Who Is Buster Murdaugh Girlfriend And Where Is He Now? Alex Murdaugh Son Update

People want to know who Buster Murdaugh's girlfriend is, but he has yet to share anything about his personal life. Learn more about her.

Richard "Buster" Alexander Jr. Murdaugh is the eldest son of once-famous attorney Alex Murdaugh and is currently his only child.

Everyone is interested in learning about his personal life, and he appears to be a very private individual who does not want to talk about himself in public.

Does Buster Murdaugh Have A Girlfriend, Or Is He Gay?

Buster Murdaugh has never spoken publicly about his girlfriend; as a result, it is uncertain if he has one.

Some have speculated that he is gay, but there is no confirmation; yet, his brother was openly gay.

Their mother, Sandy Smith, has always believed that her openly homosexual son Stephen was murdered because of his sexual orientation rather than being killed in a hit-and-run.

According to new claims, Buster Murdaugh, a member of the Murdaugh family, may have been involved in Smith's death.

Did He Buster Murdaugh To Law School?

Richard Alexander "Buster" Murdaugh is the eldest and now the only son of Alex Murdaugh, a once-famous attorney. He is a Wofford College alumnus with a degree in Government and International Affairs.

Buster was also rumored to have gone to the University of South Carolina School of Law to follow in his father's footsteps but was expelled in Spring 2019 for plagiarism.

The family created a law firm over a century ago that now employs several dozen lawyers and occupies an entire city block. The Murdaughs' firm has no name on the outside, yet everyone knows it's theirs. The man who started it all is Buster Murdaugh's great-great-grandfather.

Alex appointed Buster the only owner of financial affairs in September of 2021, and now a trio of plaintiffs has filed papers in civil court to freeze Alex's and Buster's assets, making headlines.

Where Is Buster Murdaugh Now? Alex Murdaugh Son Update 2022

Buster Murdaugh still lived in one of his family's many South Carolina properties in 2022; however, little else about his personal or professional life is known.

Since the killings of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, which purportedly exacerbated the patriarch's opiate addiction and led him to hire a former client to kill himself, he has avoided making public pronouncements.

His father signed a formal power of attorney document entrusting him with all of his business. He has now been mentioned in legal procedures as a result of this and the fact that Alex is suspected of financial crimes.

Suits were filed in 2021 by persons who claimed to have been wronged by Alex and Buster, seeking a temporary injunction to prevent them from "hiding, concealing, misappropriating, selling, encumbering, transferring, depreciating the value of, or otherwise disposing" of their assets or monies.

Because Buster can handle all of his father's belongings that he "may own or obtain in the future from whatever source," it was necessary to name him to halt (potential) further financial manipulations until the original issues are resolved.

Buster's recent appearance in a Las Vegas casino further contributes to this.

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