Businessman: Michael Knighton's 2022 Net Worth Is $7 Million, How Rich Is He?

Michael Knighton pictured back in Carlisle on October 15, 2021
Michael Knighton pictured back in Carlisle on October 15, 2021( Source : co )

Michael Knighton is a famous English businessman known for associating with the football teams Carlisle United and Manchester United. He initially gained notoriety in 1989 because of his unsuccessful £20 million purchase proposal for Manchester United, which led to his being appointed to the club's board.

The 70-year-old entrepreneur was a football player in his youth and grew up in Derbyshire. However, a thigh injury ended his football career early. After earning a degree in physical education from Durham University's Bede College, he returned to St. Cuthbert's College to pursue his interests in philosophy, politics, and Mandarin Chinese.

In 1976, he started working as a physical education and geography teacher at St. David's School. In 1980, he was named headmaster, and in 1983, he purchased the school. He retired from teaching in 1984 to concentrate on real estate matters.

Businessman Michael Knighton's 2022 Net Worth Is $7 Million

As of July 2022, the net worth of Michael Knighton is about $7 million.

He has earned a good amount of income from his business career. He is regarded as one of history's most accomplished sports officials. After finishing his official schooling, he played football for a short time. Then he started to work as a sports official.

Michael Knighton Career Earnings

The career earnings of Michael Knighton are approximately $8 million. He had a long career as a sports team official.

Michael Knighton engages with the fans at Old Trafford in August 1989,
Michael Knighton engages with the fans at Old Trafford in August 1989,( Source : fourfourtwo )

When he launched a £20 million takeover offer for Manchester United in August 1989, the public first took notice of him. Chief executive Martin Edwards approved the offer at the time since it was a record sum for a British football team.

In addition to restoring the club's position as England's top team, he pledged to invest £10 million in the team's stadium, Old Trafford. In an attempt to persuade Manchester United fans that he was a true football fan. He appeared on the field at Old Trafford before a game while wearing the team's uniform.

The entrepreneur acquired Carlisle United, a team based in Carlisle, Cumbria, in 1992 after purchasing Manchester United. When they were in the Football League's basement tier at the time, he set about establishing the team he believed could return to the Premier League, the highest flight of English football.

With their first taste of success, Carlisle won Division Three in 1995, received a promotion, set a club record with 91 points, advanced to the Football League Trophy final, and was demoted the following year before being promoted again to Division Two in 1997.

Who Is Michael Knighton's Wife? Married Life

Michael Knighton is married to his beautiful wife, Rosemary Knighton. The couple is the parents of a son and a daughter. He has not revealed much information about his wife and children and has not posted any pictures of his family on social media platforms.

The businessman is only active on Twitter with the name @RealMKnighton and has thirteen thousand three hundred fifty-seven followers.

Michael Knighton pictured with his family outside Killochan in 1989.
Michael Knighton pictured with his family outside Killochan in 1989.( Source : co )

The former owner of Manchester United threatened to sue the Evening News and Star and quit the football club in 1996 after being "publicly humiliated" over accusations that he and his wife Rosemary saw a UFO in 1976.

The businessman has retired from his football career and spends time with his wife. He used his time to create art through painting, sculpture, and poetry.

At Cambridge's King's College Chapel in 2008, he displayed several works of art, a combination of sculpture and painting. The piece featured three diverse representations of Jesus Christ being crucified. At the time, he chose to go by the alias and close anagram of his name, "Kongthin Pearlmich," because he didn't want to associate his history with his football career.

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