Burger King employee Kevin Ford received a goodie bag from his workplace.

Kevin Ford went viral after opening up a small bag of gifts he received from Burger King, where he served for almost 30 years. He worked as a cook/cashier in the Las Vegas airport.

Burger King Employee Kevin Ford's Goodie Bag

Kevin Ford's goodie bag contains two pens, some candy, a Starbucks refillable cup, and one movie ticket.

Burger King gifted him this bag for going 27 years without missing a day of work at Burger King to honor his impressive loyalty, hard work, and determination.

In the TikTok video he shared, Kevin Ford shows the goodie bag he received for his accomplishment and dedication to the company. As per the reports, he felt that the company sent him a load of stuff they had been lying around.

While the video of him showing off the bag contents went viral, the 54-year-old Kevin doesn't want anyone to think he's ungrateful. But, anyone can feel that his reward was just a little lackluster.

Kevin Ford Never Missing Attendance

Kevin Ford has never missed the attendance and has wholeheartedly made a perfect attendance record in Burger King for his work commitment.

While we can see the employees looking for some excuses to take leave from their busy work and hectic schedules and enjoy their free time, Kevin Ford has made sure to go to his workplace and complete the work like his any usual day, and in these 27 years, he has not missed a day. But, in response to his hard work, he got a mere goodie bag as an appreciation.

served as cook and cashier at the Burger King in the Las Vegas

But, one thing that caught the string of people's hearts is that despite getting such a mere gift, Kevin showed his honest gratitude to his company for giving him a goodie and appreciating his hard work.

Does Kevin Ford Have GoFundMe? 

Kevin Ford's daughter has raised a fundraiser in Go Fund Me, where $160,604 has been lifted out of a $175,000 goal.

The actor David Spade, who was also touched by Ford's story, donated $5,000 to the recently retired employee. Likewise, Spade also took to a GoFundMe fundraising campaign created by the employee's daughter. At the time of this post, 1,746 people had just donated to this program.

Seryna Ford created GoFundMe to ensure that her father, Kevin Ford gets the retirement gift he deserves. 

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Kevin Ford Family Of Five

Kevin Ford's family includes his wife, four daughters, and grandchildren.

One of his daughters, Seryna Ford, organized a fundraising program. He began working at Burger King as a single father when he gained custody of Seryna and her older sister 27 years ago.

Then, as the Ford family grew and he remarried, he continued to work in this place because his workplace provided amazing health insurance facilities as the company was unionized. This led Kevin's four daughters through high school and college with full healthcare coverage. He continues to work here because though he does look young, he is coming up on retirement age. And he fears that leaving would cost him his retirement.