Viral Grandma Barbara Costello Recipes, Meet "Brunch With Babs" TikTok

Brunch With Babs is the new TikTok sensation known for her home cooking recipe videos and grandmotherly advice to her viewers.

TikTok has seen many viral personalities from every field. One person who has drastically grown on the platform is Barbara Costello, aka Brunch With Babs.

Brunch With Babs TikTok handle was started in April 2020 and has won the hearts of millions of TikTokers as of 2022.

From easy home cooking recipe videos to life advice, grandma Babs has covered it all.

Brunch With Babs Is the Viral Recipe Sharing Grandma Barbara Costello On TikTok

Brunch With Babs's real name is Barbara Costella, who also goes by the pseudonym Viral Grandma on TikTok due to her viral cooking recipes.

From her name Barbara, Babs became her nickname, and now, Brunch with Babs has become the name that made her well-known on a larger scale.

@brunchwithbabs My secret brownie ingredient #secretingredient ♬ original sound - Babs aka Nonna

Babs also enjoys a portion of international viewers who shower her will love and best wishes all the time.

The TikTok-famous Brunch With Babs's videos includes easy cooking recipes, tips, and hacks for home cooking. Her simple ways have accumulated nearly two million followers on the video-sharing platform.

On the other hand, Babs has received more than 16 million likes to date.

TikTok's favorite grandma is a grandmother to eight grandchildren from her four children. The extended family is based in Connecticut, living closely with each other.

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Brunch With Babs Origin Was A Substitute

Brunch With Babs would not have reached this fame if Babs had not agreed to her daughter'sdemands of starting a TikTok handle.

In 2020, her daughter Liz Ariola became pregnant with her third child and experienced severe pregnancy stress. She was unable to continue her presence on her blog, Mrs. Nipple.

Thus, Elizabeth 'Liz' Ariola picked her mom to start the TikTok account to continue her web legacy as a substitute.

Thanks to Liz, Babs has successfully proven worthy of her not-so-serious origin. Instead, she gained fame due to her lovely personality and useful tips for home cooking.

Moreover, due to the huge demand for her tips, Babs published her book 'Celebrate with Babs: Holiday Recipes and Family Traditions' as of 2022.

The book has received positive reviews from critics, including Barnes & Noble.

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Brunch With Babs Videos Are Also Viral On Reddit and Twitter 

Brunch With Babs's videos not only went viral on TikTok but also grabbed the attention of Reddit and Twitter.

Netizens all around these various social media platforms were intrigued to know more about the Viral Grandma that she became one of the most talked-about internet personalities lately.

Babs has received notable mentions on both Reddit and Twitter, while her videos are also shared there.

Her fame and notability is considerable, given her social media growth on a positive note.

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