Meet 'Food Network' Chef Brooke Williamson's Family

Brooke Williamson is a chef and restaurateur.
Brooke Williamson is a chef and restaurateur.( Source : instagram )

Brooke Williamson is a chef and tv personality known for being in the Top Chef series.

Besides being a chef, she is co-owner of the Playa Provisions with her chef husband, Nick Roberts. She began her career at 17 and knew from a young age that she wanted to become a chef.

She came to attention in 2017 when she won Bravo’s “Top Chef” Season 14. But before the victory, she had become runner-up on season 10 of Top Chef in Seattle.

Chef Brooke Williamson's Family 

Chef Brooke Willamson's family comprises her husband and son.

Brooke Willamson is married to her husband, Nick Roberts. She met Nick while working at Zax as an Executive chef. Her husband, Nick Roberts is also a chef. Robert grew up in his family-owned vineyard in Carmel Valley.

Brooke Williamson with her husband Nick Roberts.
Brooke Williamson with her husband Nick Roberts. ( Source : instagram )

He had an interest in fine food at a young which led him to have a passion for cooking. To follow his passion, Roberts joined The California Culinary Academy of San Francisco.

Nick worked in the kitchens of Aqua and Masa’s, while he lived in San Francisco. After graduating, Nick moved to Carmel and worked at Highlands Inn then, he moved to New York, where he got to work in prestigious places like Union Pacific, Café Boulud, and Bouley.

Nick began to work in Zax as a sous chef after he moved to Los Angeles in 2001 and met his wife, Brooke. When he not working in the kitchen, he likes to go surfing, cycle, and practice yoga. Similarly, he also likes to spend time in his woodshop, where he builds tables and other types of furniture.

Chef Brooke Williamson's Family Background

Chef Brooke William was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 15, 1978.

Her father is Keith Williamson, while her mother is Cathy Williamson. Keith is believed to be a photographer by profession, while Caty is believed to be a Fine artist who worked with ceramics and graphics art.

She has a sister Jessica Williamson as her sibling.

Keith and Carry are the parents of the chef Brooke Williamson.
Keith and Carry are the parents of the chef Brooke Williamson. ( Source : newsunzip )

Brooke was intrigued by dancing and soccer when she was in 7th grade. Similarly, she was also into arts and photography, but her interest changed when she went to high school. She decided to join Culinary school after completing her bachelor's degree.

Her parents were not happy with the decision. She went to the University of Colorado Boulder and studied business. But her heart was not in business courses, and she left the college after one year and joined the culinary school.

She went to the Culinary Institute Of America and became the youngest sous chef at 21.

Brooke Williamson Has One Child, Hudson Roberts

Brooke Williamson is the mother of her one child, Hudson Roberts.

Her son Hudson seems to be going to school. She shares the photos along with her son on her Instagram feed.

Brooke Williamson with her son in Château de Baronville.
Brooke Williamson with her son in Château de Baronville. ( Source : instagram )

She loves her son and goes to various places with him and her husband. Brooke never stops gushing about her son, but she has not shared much about her son with the public.

Hudson has both parents who are into cooking. So, he also might be into cooking in the future, but Brooke has not put pressure on him and has respected his decision to become whoever he wants.

Brooke established her own restaurant Zax in Brentwood, where she developed her signature California inspire dish made from local ingredients.

She opened her restaurant after years of working in various restaurants and under mentors. Brooke has worked with chef Michael in his Michael's of Santa Monica, where she began her career as a line cook. But, later, she became the youngest sous chef.

She was also seen working in the restaurant of Daniel Boulud and got to work in the first executive chef position at the restaurant Boxer. Williamson opened her husband opened their first restaurant Amuse Café in Venice, and later they opened Beechwood restaurant.

In 2004, they both earned the tile Rising Star Chefs from StarChefs. But sadly, both restaurant ventures are closed now.

They both opened a gastropub called Hudson Hosue in Redon Beach in 2011 but got closed in 2020. Brooke and her husband Nick opened their restaurant Playa Provisions, a four-in-one-concept restaurant that opened in 2012 and has been operating.

In Playa Provisions, there are four places directed four food places in the restaurant. There is a King Beach which is a focused artisanal ice cream shop. Similarly, it also contains a Small Batch where the customer can get seafood. There is also a whiskey bar where people can have drinks and have a good time with each other.

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