Amy Bloom Husband Death Cause, Brian Ameche Assisted Suicide

Brian Ameche's death was an assisted suicide, as Amy Bloom mentions about it in her new memoir. 

Bloom's latest memoir, In Love, is about her husband, Brain Ameche's Alzheimer's diagnosis and her quest to help him die the way he wanted. The book also details their lives together and how Alzheimer's affected them.

Brian Ameche Death An Assisted Suicide

Brian Ameche's death was an assisted suicide. His wife accompanied him to the Dignitas facility in Switzerland to terminate his life.

The pair lived their happy marriage life until Brian was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Amy met him in her mid-50s. She said that her partner was full of life and was always willing to try new things.

They were having the best moment of their life when she began to observe certain strange aspects of his behavior that troubled her. He would speak to himself about the past and kept repeating himself. Thus, at the age of 67, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 2019. 

He started to look into assisted suicide choices barely 48 hours following his diagnosis and "never wavered" after that. He wanted to die because he had seen his close friend suffer from the disease. 

As a life partner, the writer assured him that she would assist him till the end. However, he said that he wanted to control his death and had intended to deal with his death in his own way. 

When they researched, they found out that he did not meet the standards requirements of the right to die, although a few states in the United States legalized it, writes Mirror UK. 

Thus, Bloom and Ameche traveled to Zurich, where, following a careful screening procedure, he was able to end his life in late January 2020.

Amy Bloom Husband Brian Ameche Wikipedia 

Amy Bloom's husband, Brian Ameche, is not available on Wikipedia. However, he was an architect who was full of life. 

On the other hand, his wife is a writer and psychotherapist who has been nominated for the National Book Critics Circle Award and the National Book Award.

She had three children from her first marriage, but she had not given birth from her second wedding. She was already in her 50s when she wedded Brian. 

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Who Is Brian Ameche Family?

Brian Ameche already had a family before he married Amy Bloom. He was not only a husband but also a father and a granddad. 

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