Bob Myers Salary Of $8 Million And Bonuses Assembles A Hefty Net Worth

Bob Myers in an interview ( Source : Bleacherreport )

Bob Myers, full name Robert Michael Myers, salary and net worth accommodate him a fancy lifestyle in California. 

Myers is an American basketball executive, who is serving as the general manager of The Golden Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The 47 years old is also a former college basketball player who played for UCLA from 1993 to 1997. 

He is known for his incredible success at the Warriors. Since his promotion as the general manager of the team in 2012, the Warriors have won the NBA championships four times. Likewise, he was even named the NBA executive of the year two times in 2015 and 2017.

In 2022, the Warriors won their fourth NBA title under Myers. Accordingly, many people are interested to know how much money he generates from his position. 

Bob Myers Salary as the Warriors General Manager

Bob Myers reaps a salary of $8 million USD as per his contract. 

Since the appointment of Myers as a manager of the team, the Warriors have become dominant giants in the NBA games. As such, the Warriors are doing everything and splurging every penny to sustain him. As of 2022, Bob is one of the highest-paid NBA general managers. He has been maintaining this status for nearly a decade.

According to Career Explorer Guide, the Californian native is third on the Top-paid NBA GMs list for 2022. He is only behind Pat Riley and R.C. Bufford, who are first and second-highest paid respectively. Apparently, Pat earns $11 million USD as Maimi Heat manager, while Bufford bags $9 million USD from San Antonio Spurs.

Besides his base salary, Bob Myers also generates a handsome income from bonuses and incentives. However, he doesn't seem exclusive about his finances. For instance, when he signed a contract extension in 2016 with a significant pay increase, the terms in the papers were not disclosed to the public.

Bob isn't the only one in the team with such huge earnings. In fact, the Warriors are the most expensive NBA team when it comes to spending money. They are deemed to be more expensive than any other sports team in northern America.

Reports entail that the Warriors paid around $176 million USD to their players in 2021/2022. Similarly, they also paid around $170 million USD in taxes, which summed their expense to a whopping $346 million USD in total. Similarly, the Los Angeles Clippers were second with an expenditure of $250 million USD.

Surrounding the criticism about the payroll, Myers clapped back in an interview stating, "I mean, we drafted a lot of these guys, we developed them. It's not like we went out and signed all these guys as free agents and built some team that way." He is, indeed, right about this to many extents. With a value of $5.6 billion USD, the Warriors are the second most valuable NBA team.

This explains why the Warriors are so eager to spend millions on Bob as the manager. Though his strategy could end up costing huge money, he is also generating profits for the team.

How Rich is Bob Myers? Know His Hefty Net Worth 

With a salary in millions, Bob Myers's net worth equates to around $2.5 million USD.

However, this supposed amount is from old audits and we speculate that his personal fortune exceeds the former value.  

Myers appears as a general manager to the NBA audiences, but he is much more than that. He is currently serving as the president of basketball operations. Previously, he also worked as a Sports agent for 14 years.  During his career as an agent, Myers negotiated contracts worth $575 million USD. Furthermore, he handled 19 clients including big names like Brandon Roy and Kendrick Perkins. 

He is smart when making financial decisions worth billions for the Warriors. Therefore, there is no doubt he isn't making similar decisions when it comes to his own money. As a smart investor and businessman, he might have bought stocks of the Warriors team and many other huge companies.

Bob doesn't shy away from spending his fortune. He currently lives an extremely luxurious life with his wife Kristen Myers and 3 daughters. His oldest two daughters are named Kayla and Annabelle. Similarly, they currently reside in San Fransico, California as the Warriors are based in the city. It is reported that the family owns 7.35 acres of property in the city. 

Public records reveal that the manager bought a house worth $10.275 million USD in San Fransico in 2016. Two years later, head coach, Steve Kerr, purchased a house in the same area worth $7.35 million USD. The two are neighbours and live only a few minutes of walking distance from each other.

Bob Myers with his family
Bob Myers with his family( Source : Sfchronicle )

Nonetheless, Myers is a family man who values his family over everything. In 2015, Kristen lost her brother to a tragic accident, three months after the Warriors won the championship. During that time, the husband decided to invest his time in Kristen instead of focusing on future games.

Moreover, he takes his family on trips and vacations. They ride on private planes, yachts, and expensive cars and wear branded clothes. This all happens behind the camera as the family is secretive about their happenings. 

Bob Myer's Secret to Successful Career and Earnings 

As a college student, Bob attended UCLA to major in business and economics. Additionally, at 6 feet and 7 inches tall, he naturally made it into the university's basketball team. Around 1994-1995, he even earned an athletic scholarship. In the same year, his basketball team won the National Championship. 

However, he did not proceed to Europe to continue his basketball career. Nevertheless, he was destined to be tied to basketball, even without being a basketball player. In 1997, he decided to join the Tellem and Associates as a sports agent.

After more than a decade in the industry, the Warriors hired him as the assistant general manager in 2011. They soon realized Myers could be much more for the team. Eventually, he became the general manager just 12 months after. 

Under Myers, the Warriors had the most impressive season and draft in the 2012/2013 season. NBA pundits even labelled it as the best postseason of the team in 36 years. This further solidified Myers's role in the team. 

Bob Myers with Stephen Curry
Bob Myers with Stephen Curry( Source : Firstsportz )

He was among the key people who decided to appoint Steve Kerr as the team's coach. NBA talents like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and David West have played under his mentorship. Likewise, the Warriors' success in 2022 was also heavily credited to the manager. 

Myers still has a long way to go with the Warriors. With his current streaks, he might even become the highest earnings manager in NBA very soon. 

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