Big Bull: Harshad Mehta Son Net Worth 2021

Harshad Mehta's son named Atur Mehta's net worth is estimated at more than 5 million dollars as of 2021. 

He seems to earn a huge salary from his profession. Atur Mehta is one of the brilliant entrepreneurs of India who has established numerous organizations.

Atur Mehta looks like 30 to 40 years old, judging from social media pictures.

Big Bull's Harshad son lives a comfortable lifestyle. He has his private vehicle and expensive house.

Harshad Mehta's Age And Height 

Harshad Mehta was born on 29 July 1954. Sadly he passed away at the age of 47 on 31 December 2001.

His height looks like 6 feet 4 inches judging from social media pictures. He seemed to have a good physique.

Nonetheless, his body measurement had not been disclosed.

Harshad Mehta's Wikipedia Explored 

Harshad Mehta had been featured on the official Wikipedia page.

Also, we have gathered some of his information from other various websites and wiki-bio.

He had received many credits for his mastermind in the stock market. He was a gifted person who had a scam in the year 1992.

Harshad had completed his degree at a college in his hometown with good grades.

Meet Harshad Mehta's Parent And Wife

The identities of Harshad Mehta's parents had not been revealed. He seemed a very reserved person when it came to his personal life.

He had kept his sister's and brother's identities a secret. As a result, determining whether he had siblings is difficult. But Harshad claimed that his parents raised him well and ingrained in his morals, which he credits.

Harshad had not openly spoken about his wife in front of fans. He had been very clear about personal and professional life and did not seem like sharing his partner's details yet.

Is Harshad Mehta Active On Instagram?

On Instagram, there are a lot of handles with the name Harshad Mehta, making it difficult to find him. However, we are unable to provide his Instagram information to our readers at this time. 

But Harshad Mehta had featured and contributed to various stock official websites and pages.

He was not active on other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.