Bethany Mota Parents Tammy And Tony Mota Created An Influencers Family

Vlogger Bethany Mota Parents Tony and Tammy Mota
Vlogger Bethany Mota Parents Tony and Tammy Mota ( Source : pinterest )

Bethany Noel Mota is the daughter of her parents Tammy and Tony Mota. Bethany Mota has earned over 9.57 million subscribers on YouTube through her vlogging career.

Bethany initially started her YouTube career in 2009 under the name Macbarbie07.

She started gaining fame through her haul videos. In these videos, she started gaining popularity through her fashion and internet purchases.

Mota expanded on her content ideas through other sorts of videos like outfit ideas, hair and makeup tutorials, do-it-yourself videos, and recipes.

As her fame grew, she made her own fashion line with the clothing company Aeropostale. Then she went on multiple tours to meet fans, and lastly, even appeared on the 19th season of the reality television show, Dancing with the Stars.

Bethany has been very open about her parents' influence in her life and career.

She has even made a "Draw My Life" video about them and her childhood. Suffice it to say her parents have helped shape the person she is now. 

Bethany Mota Parents Are American Descent

Bethany Mota opens up that her parents Tammy and Tony Mota are American descent. 

The most prominent example was in a Draw My Life video she released on May 8, 2013.

In the video, Bethany talked about her parents giving birth to her in California. She calls her father, Tony, a funny guy, and her mother, Tammy, a caring woman.

Bethany Mota posted a video on YouTube 'Draw My Life'
Bethany Mota posted a video on YouTube 'Draw My Life' ( Source : youtube )

Though not much is known about their ethnicity, both are of American descent, at least in terms of nationality. Bethany later stated that she is of Mexican and Portuguese descent ethnically speaking, but which parent ascribes to which ethnicity has not yet been revealed.

The family spent much of Bethany's childhood in Los Banos, California. She also had an older sister named Brittany, who, according to the "Draw My Life" video, is five years older than her. 

Tony and Tammy Mota homeschooled their daughter for much of her initial education, and she only started attending public school from the third to sixth grade. Her mother, Tammy, was the one who took care of the homeschooling.

Bethany has stated that during the brief times she did attend public school, she was brutally bullied and she has often talked about that experience.

Bethany Mota with her mother Tammy and sister Britanny
Bethany Mota with her mother Tammy and sister Britanny ( Source : instagram )

Bethany Mota Mother Tammy Is Backbone Of Family

Among the two parents of Bethany Mota, she has mentioned that her mother is the backbone. Tammy was in charge of homeschooling the girls to take care of their extra-curricular needs.

Bethany Mota's fans lovingly know Tammy Mota as Mommy Mota. She has gained a social media following of her own and currently has over 126K followers on her Instagram page.

Tammy Mota celebrating her 58th birthday by posting this photo on her Instagram
Tammy Mota celebrating her 58th birthday by posting this photo on her Instagram ( Source : instagram )

She mostly posts pictures about her daughters and nieces on the page alongside talking about her religion. She seems to be a devout Christian. 

She courted a fair bit of controversy back in 2020 and 2021 when she started posting about disgraced former president Donald Trump and against the vaccine. However, she has stopped posting such videos and pictures since. 

Bethany Mota Father Is Tony Mota

Tony Mota is the less social media-savvy parent of Bethany Mota and seems content to stay in the background. However, he has always shown support for his daughter and her success.

The most famous example was when he showed up to talk about her upbringing and the struggles Bethany faced as a child during her time in Dancing with the Stars. In his segment, he talked about how Bethany has always kept her family first.

Bethany Mota's father, Tony Mota, talking about her childhood in Dancing with the Stars
Bethany Mota's father, Tony Mota, talking about her childhood in Dancing with the Stars ( Source : youtube )

He also works as her manager, but this has landed him in some trouble, especially back in 2017, when he, alongside Bethany was sued by Studio 71. The company sued the two of them for not keeping their endorsement deal.

A lengthy legal battle made clear that the company was only suing them to avoid paying her. Thankfully, the matter has since been resolved. 

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