Anime fans are growing every day all over the world and there are many platforms to watch the top anime movies.

Netflix is one of the platforms where everyone can watch a list of anime movies while they chill at home. From No Hero Academia to One Piece, solid movies were released in 2022.

But the question might arise for the rookie anime watcher and anime fans on what they should watch. Netflix is one of the best platforms where one can watch thousands of Anime movies. But what are the best ones?

Here's a list of the 10 best anime movies on Netflix in 2022. 

10. The Anthem Of The Heart (2015)

The movie was released in 2015 and was directed by Tatsuyuki Nagai
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The number ten on the list falls for The Anthem of the Heart. The fairytale egg curse has sealed Jun Naruse's mouth so she can never hurt people with her words.

Naruse is a chatterbox who envisions fairytales and happy endings. Naruse is too innocent and trusting, but soon she shatters her parent's bond when she accidentally reveals her father's secret affair, which causes her parents to split up.

She gets blamed for her parent's divorce, and her regrets turn into a fairy egg.

However, Naruse slowly finds the solution to communication after she encounters music and friendships.

In high school, she unexpectedly chose to perform at a music competition with three other students. She tries to reject her place but gets changes of mind when she hears another student, Takumi Sakagami, singing. 

Perhaps, the curse does not apply to singing, and Takumi is the fairy tale prince that Naruse is not aware of. The anime teaches a lot about people's personalities and is a beautiful movie.

9. When Marnie Was There (2014)

The movie was nominated for the Best Animated Feature Film
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Due to asthma, 12 years old Anna is sent to live with her relatives in the Japanese countryside, Hokkaido.

She lives with her foster parents but due to the doctor's recommendation, she is advised to be in a place with fresh air. Anna loves to spend time alone, and she enjoys sketching as well. 

One day, Anna comes across an abandoned mansion that she finds really familiar, but she gets trapped by the rising tides. Luckily, she gets saved by an old fisherman named Tiochi. 

Anna notices a blond girl in the mansion but does not get a chance to meet her. After a few days, on the night of the Tanabata festival, Anna meets Marnie they click instantly. 

Marnie invites Anna to the mansion, but they keep their friendship a secret. 

Anna becomes friends with Hisako, Sayaka, and Kazuhiko in the mansion. She finds many secrets about her foster parents and even shares the pain of being abandoned by her biological parents. 

Later, different revelations bring back her identity, and she finds the missing puzzle pieces of her story. The movie was released back in 2014 and was produced by Studio Ghibli. The storyline and the characters are phenomenal and quite emotional. 

8. Akira (1988)

Akira's duration is more than 2 hours
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Akira is one of those cyberpunk animated movies to watch for crazy moments. In the movie, a secret military project plagues Neo-Tokyo with different forms of violence.

It turns a bike-gang member into a raging psychopath who can only be stopped by a teenager, his biker friends, and some psychics. 

The movie is filled with different fight scenes but has an amazing ending. The movie was released back in 1988 and was made from the Manga of the same name. 

Some scenes are chaotic, but many people loved the plot. The soundtrack of the movie received well recognization as well.

7. Patema Inverted (2013)

The movie was written and directed by Yasuhiro Yoshiura
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A young girl named Patema, resides in an underground society that has rules to keep its members away from danger zones. One day, while exploring the tunnels, she comes across a figure walking on the ceiling. 

Patema falls outside the fence bordering Aiga and meets another teenager named Eiji, whose gravity is completely inverted from hers. 

Eiji takes her to the nearby ground, and they learn about each other's worlds. Eiji tells Patema about his father, who passed away due to falling from an aircraft.

He uses it as an example and tells about how the government is controlling the "inverted" worlds. 

Eiji realizes that by holding Patema, her gravity makes him lighter, reducing the speed at which he falls down. Later, Aiga's leader Izamura finds out about Patema's situation and orders the troops to capture her.

They both get caught, and Izamura takes Patema to the control tower and threatens her to release from the top.

Later, Izamura imprisons Patema at the control tower with an inverted weight and only a glass surrounding her. 

Later on, Eiji, along with Patema's friend and other people, helps release Patema, and at the same time, a few secrets have uncovered that shock the audience.

The Inverted story is quite confusing but reveals an amazing concept of the movie. Patema Inverted is an amazing sci-fiction movie released in 2013.

6. In This Corner Of The World (2016)

The movie got an award for Animation of the Year
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In This Corner of the World depicts the story of an eighteen-year-old girl named Suzu who gets married off to Kure City.

The movie is set almost 10 years before and after the drastic World War 2 and how the atomic bombing of Hiroshima affected everything. After marrying, Suzu finds a new life and happiness in her new family, but war brings more struggles than happiness.

The movie shows how the situations in Japan were and how devastating World War 2 was. Even though it is a fictional movie, it has not failed to describe the story and real-life incident of Hiroshima before getting damaged by the bombing. The production members researched each and every story in detail. 

After Suzu gets married to Shusaku, whom she met during her childhood. She moves with him to a large naval port city 15 miles away from Hiroshima. Everything is normal, but the threat of War begins to intrude on the people in the town.

As the terror increases, Suzu and her family builds an air-raid shelter in the garden while she gets different survival training. 

The movie is quite heart-wrenching and shows how Suzu survived everything. The movie also shows how the war affected everything badly and how many people were affected by it. The movie will for sure make you shed some tears and is one of the best anime movies to watch on Netflix. 

5. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

The total budget of the movie was 2.4 million USD.
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Three homeless people- a middle-aged alcoholic named Gin, a  woman named Hana, and a teenage girl named Miyuki discovers an abandoned newborn child while they were searching for Christmas presents around the garbage. They don't see the child as a burden but they search for a mother who can raise the child well. 

The baby is named Kiyoko by Hana since she was found on Christmas Eve. After a few searches, the trio comes across a high-ranking yakuza boss who tells them about the bar where Kiyoko's mother used to work. The man tells the trio about Kiyoko's family history and also reveals many other secrets. 

The trio begins to search for Kiyoko's parents as well as a few other people. The movie has not failed to depict the perfect story-telling and how the director has perfectly directed the movie. No reason the movie falls on the list of must-watch movies on Netflix.

4. Princess Mononoke (1997)

The Princess Mononoke movie was produced by Studio Ghibli
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Princess Mononoke shows the late Muromachi period of Japan and a story of a young Emishi prince named Ashitaka. The movie depicts the story of Ashitaka and how he struggles with the curse made by the crazed god beast. Mononoke is a term used for supernatural beings that cast curses toward people. 

Before a demon gets killed by Ashitaka, he grasps and curses at him before he gets killed. Ashitaka's curse was that he would have superhuman strength, but eventually, he will get suffered. One of the women from the village tells Ashitaka that he may find a cure to the curse in the far western land that the demon originally came from. But he can't return back once he is cured. 

While heading to the west, Ashitaka meets with a monk who tells him he may find help from the Great Forest Spirit. On the way, he meets San, a girl riding on one of the wolves from the pack. 

After some time, Ashatika and the travelers arrive at the Iron Town. There he finds out that San was dubbed Princess Mononoke, and she was raised by the wolves and hates mankind. 

The story is quite thrilling, and at the end, the Iron Town returns to the forest spirit, and Ashitaka's curse gets healed. The movie was released back in 1997 it was considered a commercial blockbuster. 

3. A Silent Voice (2016)

The movie gained many popularity even on the international stages
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A Silent Voice is a story about a psychological drama that deals with the themes of bullying, redemption, mental health, and friendship. The movie shows a story of a deaf girl, Shuko Nishimaya, who gets transferred to a new school but gets bullied by Shouya Ishida. When the bullying gets really intense, Shouya leaves the school. After the rumors of the bully reach the principal, Shouya is seen as a bully and people treat him differently. The only thing left with him is a notebook left by Shuko. 

Even in high school, Shouya becomes a loner and is unable to look into other people's eyes. Due to guilt, Shouya goes back to return Shoko's notebook at the sign language center and also to apologize. But due to too much panic, he tells her to be his friend instead. However, Shoko accepts his offer, and there he finds a way to make up for bullying her in the past. 

A Silent Voice is a heart-touching movie that tells a story about different areas of psychology. The ending has Shouya healing himself and finally redeems himself. The movie has beautiful animation which got lots of good reviews from the viewers. 

2. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

The movie is about a girl named Sophie who gets cursed by the Witch of the Waste, who turns her into a 90-year-old woman. However, the only way to break the curse is through a mysterious wizard named Howl.

Looking forward to breaking the curse, Sophie sets to the countryside, and on the way, she meets a living scarecrow called "TurnipHead" who guides her towards the Howl's moving castle.

After entering there without an invitation, she meets Markl and Calcifer, who is the main source of the castle's movement and magic. However, Sophie makes a deal with Calcifer. He only agrees to break her curse if she breaks his link with the wizard, Howl.

After Sophie meets with Howl, she identifies as the castle's cleaning lady. At the same time, Sophie's kingdom was at war with another kingdom, and they were looking for a prince.

However, Howl sends Sophie to the King to let him know that he is not going to fight in the war. Before leaving, Howl gives a charming ring to Sophie that keeps her safe and leads her to Calcifer.

There, she meets Suliman, who helps her get back to her real age. He also tells her that if Howl does not fight for the King, he will go through the same fate. 

The movie has an intriguing plot, and the ending is quite beautiful. For people who love thrillers and romance, this is a must-watch movie on Netflix.

1. Your Name (2016)

Your Name was also shown around the North American theatres
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Mitsuha is a high school girl who becomes quite bored of living in the same town. In her next life, she wishes to be a Tokyo boy. However, she wakes up one day and has her body switched with a Tokyo boy named Taki.

They must continue the activities in each other's bodies but the only way they can communicate with each other is by leaving a message on the phone and sometimes on one's skin. They continue to live each other's life but drastic changes happen in the span of many years. When they try to meet each other, that's when the story takes a turn.

Taki and Mitsuha find each other in a weird way but what is that bizarre thing that finally reunites them?

Your Name was released in 2016 and it was praised for its mindblowing animation, visuals, and emotional scenes. The movie even won different awards and remains at the top of the list.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the 10 best anime movies on Netflix 2022.

Here’s a quick recap:

  1. Your Name (2016)
  2. Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)
  3. A Silent Voice (2016)       
  4. Princess Mononoke (1997)    
  5. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)    
  6. In This Corner Of The World (2016)    
  7. Patema Inverted (2013)    
  8. Akira (1988)    
  9. When Marnie Was There (2014)    
  10. The Anthem Of The Heart (2015)