Bert Kreischer wife age is 52 years old. Bert and LeeAnn Kreischer got married in December 2003.

The couple comes from South East America and crossed paths in Los Angeles. Their relationship had a rocky start, but everything fell into place gradually.

Bert and LeeAnn first met at a restaurant that his roommate suggested. The restaurant was actually an invert bar and LeeAnn was the only woman there as per Bert in his interview with the AV Club.

LeeAnn and Bert had a brief falling out after one of the dinner dates. As per Dr. Drew After Dark podcast, Bert went out to have dinner with LeeAnn and her five friends and got drunk.

While talking about an anonymous man lifting LeeAnn's skirt in an acting class, Bert showed his sympathy to that man. Later, Bert sent flowers to his lady after realizing the mistake.

When LeeAnn came to his home to sort things out, she found him crying in the shower. The two reconciled after that and married in 2003.

LeeAnn Kreischer

LeeAnn Kreischer age is 52 years old as she was born on 19 August 1971. She is a year older than her partner Bert.

Kreischer attended the University of Georgia. She moved to Los Angeles to kick-start her career after completing her education. 

The podcast host began her journey as the co-writer of the teen comedy titled The Biggest Fan. The film starred Chris Trousdale as well as the boy band Dream Street.

In 2000, Kreischer earned a short role as the nurse in Destiny Stalled. Since that movie debut, she has not acted professionally.

LeeAnn was featured on The Cabin with Bert Kreischer and Well Done with Sebastian Maniscalco. Moreover, she became the executive producer of Bert Kreicher: Razzle Dazzle in 2023.

LeeAnn Took A Selfie While Sunbathing With Her Cat On 15 April 2023
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LeeAnn Journey As A Podcast Host

LeeAnn became a podcast host for Wife Of The Party on 3 February 2018. The show produced by Halston Ray has been an integral part of her life.

The podcast recently marked its 270th episode. The lady invites her close friends and loved ones to the show and discusses marriage, and more.

LeeAnn Celebrating 5 Years Of Her Podcast With Producer Halston Ray
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Kreischer has collaborated with reputed artists including  Tara Herrmann, Luis J. Gomez, Christina Rumbley, and Paula Lisbe. Moreover, she appears in Something's Burning along with Bert. 

LeeAnn Kreischer made the headlines after losing several pounds in 2020 and maintaining a slender figure.

Meet Her On Social Media

LeeAnn has an online presence on social sites like Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

She has obtained over 147K followers on her Instagram account. She joined Twitter as @leeannwotp in February of 2018 and is followed by 7.8K people.

Moreover, the podcast host has a massive following on YouTube. She has garnered 41.8 K subscribers on her channel.

Married Life

Bert Kreischer and LeeAnn Kreischer have been married since 2003. The couple began romantically connected in the early 2000s.

They went on a few dates, but Kreischer was afraid of putting a label on their relationship. Kreischer was convinced he was head over heels for the woman when they had a falling out. Then, he started working towards winning her back.

In Theo Von Clips, Bert revealed that he made her a mixtape and cried for her. Eventually, the couple got back together and tied the knot in 2003.

LeeAnn wedded Bert at her father-owned church with a total budget of $5,000. The ceremony was small and was attended by 150 people.

Bert Took a Selfie With LeeAnn At Their 19th Wedding Anniversary On 28 December 2022
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Bert And LeeAnn Are Together For Roughly 2 Decades

Bert and LeeAnn will soon celebrate their 20-year marriage anniversary. They have supported one another through highs and lows.

LeeAnn also gives him personal and career-related suggestions repeatedly as per Suggest. When the comedian was about to run from the series Bert The Conqueror, he took his spouse's advice.

Rather than running away, he talked to the producers like an adult. They were okay with him not jumping from the SkyJump at the Stratosphere in Las Vegas.

Bert And LeeAnn Exercising Together At Their Home On 3 January 2023
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However, the producers wanted him to reach the edge and yell that he could not. When he reached the top, the cameraman convinced him to jump.

Bert won over his fear and landed safely, but he had to jump again since all cameras were not rolling the first time.

Family Relationships

Bert Kreischer family includes parents Al Kreischer and Gege Kreischer. He was raised alongside his sister Kottie Kreischer.

Al is a retired real estate attorney while Gege served in early childhood development. Bert's father accompanied him in a stage show in 2019.

The comedian posted a video on Instagram from the Body Shots World Tour. Al shocked the audience by removing his t-shirt on stage. Gege also came along with Al to surprise Bert. 


Al And Gege Watching Bert Perform From Behind The Stage On 19 February 2023
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Bert Kreischer sister Kottie is a vice president of awards and special events at Disney Television Studios.

She graduated from Southern Methodist University as per her LinkedIn. In 2008, she joined the Fox 21 TV studios as a senior manager for awards and special events.

In 2020, Kottie was hired as an executive director by Fox. She serves as the executive director at Fox and a Vice President at Disney.

Talking about her personal life, Kottie is married to Michael Palank. Moreover, she shares two adorable babies with her partner.

Bert is proud of his little sister's achievements. He congratulated her on Instagram in 2021 when she was promoted to VP of awards and events by Disney. 

Children Details

Bert Kreischer children are Ila Kreischer and Georgia Kreischer. He shares his gorgeous daughters with his life partner LeeAnn Kreischer.

Ila Kreischer

Bert Kreischer does not have a son. Ila is the youngest child born to Bert and his partner Georgia on 19 July 2007.

She is in school and frequently makes appearances on LeeAnn's podcast. The viewers are in awe of her, to say the least.

Georgia, Bert, Ila And LeeAnn Pictured Together In Christmas of 2018
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Ila has impressed her mother's audience with confidence and grace. When she did an intro for the WOTP podcast in 2022, fans confused her voice with LeeAnn.

The 15-year-old has similar vocals to LeeAnn but she is her father's twin considering her facial structure. Ila is currently in high school and she lives with her parents. 

Although she is not active on social media, her snippets are available on her parents' virtual platforms.

Georgia Kreischer

Bert Kreischer daughter Georgia was born on 8 June 2004. She is an 18-year-old college student.

Georgia attended Louisville High School and graduated in 2022. She is currently enrolled at the University of Oregon as per her Instagram bio.

Wife of the Party Podcast Episode 241 Featuring Georgia & Ila ( Source : youtu )

Bert broke the news of his baby girl joining the college in the same year. He wrote that it was the last workout session with Georgia before her joining college on Facebook.

Georgia was recently featured in her mother's podcast along with Ila. The three of them talked about her college life and household in general.

Kreischer often comes home to visit her beloved folks. When she returned in 2022, Bert jokingly posted on Facebook that he loves the firstborn more than Ila.