Ben Nevis Accident Fall Video As 1 Climber Dies and 17 In Mountain Rescue

Ben Nevis's accident fall video is said to be circulating online. 

The incident at Ben Nevis caused one climber of 28 years old to lose his life and left 17 people stranded who were trying to recuse him. The rescue force mourns the climber's death and tries to warn everyone regarding the ferocious climate these days. 

Watch: Ben Nevis Accident Fall Video

As per news sources reports video, a young man fell from Ben Nevis and died. As per BBC News, the alert was first reported about 14:15, according to Police Scotland.

The rescue was carried out by members of the Lochaber Mountain Rescue Team. However, amid frantic conditions, the Army men and five others were also stranded. It made rescue difficult and prolonged it to eight hours as many witnessed dozens of people rescued by coastguard helicopters.

Daily Mail mentioned that a total of 40 rescuers were sent to the hilltop from Prestwick and Inverness, whereas some of the climbers were escorted off the mountain to safety.

Additionally, one soldier injured his ankle, and another sustained minor abrasion while attempting to save him, but their attempt failed as they could not save him. 

Luckily, two other people aged 27 and 29 were rescued and transferred to Fort William's Belford Hospital. They are not believed to be in critical or life-threatening conditions at present.

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1 Climber Dies and 17 In Mountain Rescue

A young climber died after falling 1,000 feet from Ben Nevis, and 17 people were left stranded while going on a mountain rescue for him. Reports stated that he had fallen roughly 984 feet at Red Burn on the mountain's west side.

He and his group were coming downhill after reaching the summit of Ben Nevis. Lochaber MRT deputy team leader Donald Paterson said that the circumstances were classic Alpine conditions - springlike in the valley, but above the snow line, everything is solid.

And in such a climate, having an ice ax and crampons are important, but it is equally important to know how to use them. Brian Bathurst, deputy team leader of Glencoe MRT, also stated a few words about the conditions last night. 

He said that the snowfields are glazed over with ice which is quite dangerous. He also said that one slip could risk your life as well. Despite tough conditions with high gusts and rains, the helicopters performed well and rescued several people. 

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