Ben Azelart Dating History: He Confirmed His New Relationship With His Girlfriend, Hannah Thomas

Ben Azelart has about 10 million subscribers in his Youtube
Ben Azelart has about 10 million subscribers in his Youtube( Source : instagram )

Ben Azelart is a YouTuber who has confirmed that he is dating his girlfriend, Hannah Thomas.

He is known for his videos on his Youtube channel called Ben Azelart. He has about 10.8 million subscribers on his Youtube channel and is known for being a Youtube vlogger, content creator, and social media influencer. 

Azelart started his Youtube journey by uploading his first video on August 16, 2016. His most popular video is Cutting Peoples Earphones, Then Giving Them Airpods, which has gained about 46 million views.

Who Is Youtuber Ben Azelart Girlfriend, Hannah Thomas?

Ben Azelart is recently dating Hannah Thomas, and he revealed some pictures of her on the occasion of Valentine's day on February 15 on his Instagram feed.

He had been secretive about dating Hannah and had not shared anything about it, but he dropped the bomb on the occasion of Valentine's day to all his fans and followers.

Ben shared some pictures of his girlfriend on Valentine's Day
Ben shared some pictures of his girlfriend on Valentine's Day( Source : instagram )

Hannah seems beautiful and elegant, and they both look good together. Similarly, they seem to be in love in Ben's photos.

There is not much info about Hannah, but she has captured the limelight since it has been revealed that she is his girlfriend.

Explore Ben Azelart Dating Life

Ben Azelart has a dating history with beautiful women in the past. Before he dated Hannah, he was dating Lexi Rivera. Lexi and Ben started dating in 2018 and were seen in videos together.

He also shared pictures with her on his Instagram, and the couple broke up with each other in 2020. Ben shared he is going single in 2021 by sharing a picture of him with Lexi on his Instagram account.

Many people thought he had not gotten over Lexi, but his girlfriend's reveal shocked many people. Before dating Lexi, he had dated actress and model Brighton Sharbino.

Age Difference Between Ben Azelart And Hannah Tomas

Ben Azelart is 20 years old, while Hannah Tomas seems to be 15-20 years old. So, there might be a 1-2 years gap between them.

Hannah looks young like Ben, so they might be equal in age, but she has not revealed her period yet, nor has Ben shared some tea about his girlfriend with the public.

Ben Azelart Net Worth- How Rich Is He?

Ben Azelart is a Youtuber by profession, and according to, his net worth in 2022 is about $14 million.

He has about 10 million subscribers and gets millions of views on every Youtube video he uploads. Youtuber is paid based on ad view, and YouTube pays $0.01 to $0.03 for an ad view.

So, a Youtuber can make around $18 per 1,000 ad views. So, he is earning well from his Youtube channel.

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