YouTuber Bearded Expense Drama And Controversy Explained -In Details

Bearded Expense is a renowned YouTuber known for his gaming videos.
Bearded Expense is a renowned YouTuber known for his gaming videos.( Source : fandom )

Bearded Expense is a renowned YouTube creator and gamer who caught up in drama and controversy in the past. 

He is a TF2 YouTuber who launched his channel on November 2, 2012. The creator uploaded his debut video on July 25, 2017.

He frequently makes appearances in his YouTube videos as a Heavy alongside Hound Dog, El Duderino, and Heavy Lifter. He publishes most of the materials from recorded live streams and other sources.

Even after a couple of years, people and fans of Bearded Expense are eager to learn and go to the roots of the drama and controversy.

ProfileBearded Expense
Age19 years old
BirthdateMarch 9, 2003

Bearded Expense Drama and Controversy

In the past, there was a huge controversy surrounding the YouTuber Bearded Expense.

Minty Coffee's channel has uploaded a video explaining all the drama on its YouTube platform. There was also a discussion regarding the topic of Reddit.

The brief video about the controversy revealed that Bearded had no issues providing payment to other services.

When it came to paying his editor, Wolfofthegale, bearded had numerous reasons for delaying his payment that turned from days to weeks into months.

Wolfofthegale was an old editor of the channel, Bearded Expense. The editor modified tons of raw videos for him and produced the channel trailer.

More in the video explained that Bearded had attempted to provoke Soda into having a one-night stand. Soda was a close mutual friend of the YouTuber.

The creator's friend also exposed that the Bearded mentally abused them and used the depression as his benefit to get things done according to his way. A reddit user summarised the drama by stating that people who worked with Bearded did not get any money after completing his work.

Bearded claims to be poor when it comes to payment for the service. However, bearded receives at least $200 monthly from Patreon, but his editor requests $50 per month.

What Is Bearded Expense's Real Name?

Bearded Expense's real name is Levi Bazaar. However, the YouTuber has not confirmed his birth name on the media.

He is currently 19 years old and was born in March 2003. Expense celebrates his birthday each year on March 9.

Levi has lived a secretive life. Hence information about the YouTuber is yet to be surfaced on social media.

He also has not disclosed educational details. Moreover, the bearded has kept his height, and weight details are hidden.

Display picture of Bearded Expense from his YouTube channel.
Display picture of Bearded Expense from his YouTube channel. ( Source : youtube )

His image consists of photos showing him raising his right fist and pointing it in the viewer's direction, along with "vibe check" writing in Impact font at the top and bottom of the photos.

When Bearded Expense fails at anything too frequently, his temper flares to the point that he begins screaming and yelling at others.

The same is true of how he shows his happiness after he completes a problematic task: with his favorite music.

He gained notoriety in the TF2 community due to his outspoken nature and general rage, courtesy to other YouTubers like SoundSmith, who filmed videos of themselves playing with him and mostly displayed the highlights.

Bearded Expense Net Worth In 2022

As of 2022, Bearded Expense might have accumulated a massive net worth till now.

Fans can assume that the YouTuber has gathered a fortune as he has been a social media content creator for a long time and has created a massive fanbase in the media.

Unfortunately, the creator has not mentioned his annual or monthly incomes to his followers.

The celebrity showcases footage pulled and later edited from his Twitch. The Chicken Invaders Curse (the tune stinks), Human: Fall Flat and Flyin'Flyin' TF2 Ragdolls are a few contents of Bearded.

Bearded might be living a lavish life due to his decent earnings from his primary source YouTube and Twitch platform.

The YouTuber might also be earning money from sponsorships deals, brand endorsements and advertisements in his content.

Is Bearded Expense Married?

No, bearded is not married. The YouTuber has not disclosed his relationship status to his followers.

Rumors and gossip about the creator dating his girlfriend are also unavailable in the internet articles. He is too young to get married. Hence, he does not have a wife in his life. The creator has not updated his followers about his girlfriend.

The content creator seems busy with his career as a YouTuber and has no time for dating and being committed to a relationship.

On the other hand, the renowned YouTuber has not disclosed the identity and names of his parents to his followers.

Bearded launched his YouTube page on November 2, 2012. On December 16, 2021, bearded surpassed the 850,000 views threshold in his channel.

The YouTuber currently has a massive subscriber count of over 69.3k on his channel. The social media celebrity is also available on Twitter with his username @beardedexpense.

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