Everything We Know About Barry Sternlicht's Wife, Mimi Sternlicht

Barry Sternlicht And His Wife Mimi Sternlicht Posing For Photo
Barry Sternlicht And His Wife Mimi Sternlicht Posing For Photo( Source : timesunion )

Barry Sternlicht was married to his ex-wife, Mimi Sternlicht, who he met at Brown University.

The site of Mimi Sternlicht's new residence appears to have been inspired by her ex-husband Barry Sternlicht, the millionaire co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Starwood Capital Group.

She paid $7.2 million for unit 1000 at Glass, a condominium complex at 120 Ocean Drive in Miami Beach. The John Daniel Marshall Trust sold the 3,389-square-foot apartment. When the building was finished in 2015, the trust purchased the unit for $7.8 million. The three-and-a-half-bathroom apartment lost close to 8% of its original price when sold.

James R. Craigie, the former CEO of the home care goods company Church & Dwight, is one of Mimi's neighbors at Glass. In 2019, he spent $7.5 million on a residence. The three children's parents Barry and Mimi, have been divorced since 2016. Barry built a beachfront mansion north of Glass, where he also resides, and in 2018 he relocated his Starwood Property Trust to South Beach.

He purchased the North Bay Road site for $17 million in 2015, and three years later, the over 14,000-square-foot house was finished. The publicly traded subsidiary of Starwood Capital Group, Starwood Property Trust, had been residing temporarily while building its six offices at 2340 Collins Avenue. Starwood Property Trust will employ more than half of that office complex, completed in December.

Who Is Barry Sternlicht's Wife, Mimi Sternlicht?

Mimi Sternlicht is the former wife of an American billionaire, Barry Sternlicht.

She works as a creative director and is passionate about social entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Bread Ventures, formerly known as Bread & Buzz LLC, a boutique creative company development agency. She is a strategic thinker who approaches problems using both her right and left brain.

Mimi Sternlicht And Barry Sternlicht Posing For Photo
Mimi Sternlicht And Barry Sternlicht Posing For Photo ( Source : bfa )

Award-winning copywriter at Y&R and DDB Needham Advertising before quitting the business in 2006 to start Mimi's companies. The Loading Dock venue, the first loft event space in Fairfield County, Connecticut, and Campus Goose LLC, a successful student aid model that recruits empty nesters.

Sternlicht's non-profit clients are predominantly in education and human capital, while her for-profit customers are predominantly in the lifestyle and hospitality sectors. She is passionate about supporting the arts, education, and the opportunities they may create for growth. 

She established and still oversees the Harlem Village Academy charter school in New York City's college mentorship program for talented pupils.

She has undertaken several house remodeling and restoration projects in her spare time. She finds fulfillment in reimagining rooms, repurposing resources, and experimenting with cutting-edge design concepts. She graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in English, Semiotics, and Organizational Behavior and Management.

Where Did Barry Sternlicht And Mimi Sternlicht Met?

Barry Stenlicht and Mimi Sternlicht met when they went to the same university, Brown University.

Mimi Sternlicht Talking To People
Mimi Sternlicht Talking To People ( Source : bfa )

The couple tied the knot in 1980, but unfortunately, they parted ways in 2016. They used to live in Greenwich, Conn and summered in Nantucket. Barry and Mimi have shared very few details about their married life. However, some of their personal information is available. 

Barry graduated from Brown University with a B.A. in Law and Society after attending a public high school. After earning his degree from Brown, he became a consultant for Booz Allen. After that, he went to Harvard Business School and graduated in 1986 with an MBA. He et Neil Bluhm while working at JMB Realty, a property investment company, after graduating from Harvard. After graduating from Harvard, he began working at JMB Realty, a real estate investment firm, where he first met Neil Bluhm.

Due to the decline in the market for trading real estate in the late 1980s and significant private equity that collapsed in London, Barry lost his job in 1990. Barry lost his employment in 1990 due to the commercial property economic downturn in the late 1980s and sizable private equity in London that failed. Mimi supported and helped Barry in every step of his life until they were together.  

Mimi Sternlicht And Barry Stenlicht's Children

Mimi Sternlicht and Barry Sternlicht have three children together a daughter and two sons.

Barry Sternlicht And Mimi Sternlicht's Daughter Adrienne Sternlicht
Barry Sternlicht And Mimi Sternlicht's Daughter Adrienne Sternlicht ( Source : pbiec )

Their two kids' names are disclosed, whereas one of them is still undercover. Mimi and Barry's daughter's name is Adrienne Sternlicht, and their son's name is James Sternlicht. Their girl Adrienne is a well-known American show jumping rider. She was born on May 9, 1993, and is currently 29. According to her date of birth and astrologers, Adrienne's zodiac sign is Taurus.

When Sternlicht was six years old, she rode for the first time at a playdate. Soon after, she started taking riding lessons. Later, Adrienne relocated to Heritage Farm in Katonah, New York, to train there, where she raised her level of competition. She only rode sometimes while in high school, devoting most of her attention to her studies and playing for her school's squash team.

Riding was a conditional perk of academic success. After she was accepted to Brown University, her parents gave her permission to buy just a few horses, two of which she remained close to campus. After earning a degree in government policy from Brown University in 2016, Sternlicht decided to devote herself entirely to riding. 

In 2017, Adrienne went for her first international team Nations Cup competition in Coapexpan, Mexico. She was able to earn her team a silver medal. As of May 2020, she is listed 77th in the world. She is well known for her skill when astride the horse Cristalline. Adrienne is best known for being a member of the World Equestrian Games gold-medal winning team in Tryon, North Carolina, in 2018.

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