What Is Banana Bread At Work TikTok Meme? Trend Explained

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Banana bread at work is a trending meme or voice on TikTok with more than 523.2 million views as of this day.

A TikTok trend banana bread at work dude is one of the most used hashtags and sounds on TikTok. Many people or Tiktok users use this sound to get viral and enjoy it.

Firstly this original video was posted by a TikToker with the user name @itsdat_kidd on the 22nd of February 2021. Which has a total of 68.8k views.

After that, this sound gets viral within a day then many people enjoy that video and start making videos and memes video on TikTok.

What Is Banana Bread At Work TikTok Meme?

Banana Bread at Work Tiktok dude is a short video originally uploaded on YouTube. After that, TikTok makes it one of the most trending videos on Tiktok.

This video was uploaded on Youtube two years ago, by a YouTuber called Simon Samataw. In the clip, there is a guy who is sharing his frustration.

@dontinvitedavid WAIT TILL THE END😭 #foryouuu #viral #blowthisup #bananabread #atwork #dude #hellyeah ♬ Michigan - Chavo

Along with this, his frustration and expression are really satisfying, which might be why it got lots of views and likes on Tiktok. Later, it became one of the trending and challenging videos.

Banana Bread At Work Trend And Challenge Explained

A TikTok short video Banana Bread At Work trend is one of the best trends on TikTok, which got 523.2 million views. It is a really big view of TikTok.

To make the video with this sound, the user can simply make a lip-sync and act. They also mimic that sound and get lots of views. 

There are lots of people who use this sound on TikTok. Most of the videos are lip-syncing with the video and others are just art videos and just using that sound as background music.

There is a video that uses this sound and got 5.2 million views,868.7k likes, and 3556 comments on Tiktok. That TikToker's name is @bearcasemusic and she got viral after making that video of using sound Bread Banana at at work sound.

@bearcasemusic Reply to @_kenziejane i need more beads now 🍌🍞 #bananabreadatworkdude #beadmemes ♬ original sound - ProduceWarriorDojo

You can check that video from the above TikTok account.

Banana Bread At Work Original Song 

Banana Bread At Work's original video was from YouTube. A Youtuber named Simon Salmataw firstly uploaded this video on his Youtube channel on the 14th July of 2019. He has a total of 260 subscribers.

This short video got many views there is a total of 481k views and 10k likes. In that video, a guy is talking about his life, that his life is being more boring, and blaming this world.

Moreover, that guy's personal detail is not revealed yet. But his expression that the short video is really frustrating and also funny.

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