Ayumu Hirano Robbed Trending On Twitter & Controversy -How Is Half Pipe Snowboarding Scored?

Fans are angry with the unfair treatment in the recent game of Half Pipe Snowboarding with Ayumu Hirano, which might have cost him his gold medal; that is a reason Ayumu getting robbed is trending on Twitter. Let's find more details.

This incident with Ayumu Hirano has infuriated people to the point that the judge who gave him a low score has been called racist. Ayumu, in the second run, performance was so impeccable that it was foolish for anyone to give him a low score.

It can be expected that more details and explanations will come forward for the judge's decision because anyone with a basic understanding of snowboarding could see the wrongful treatment of the Japanese gold medalist.

After Ayumu's performance in the Olympics, Twitter has been flooded in support of Ayumu because many believe the score the US judge gave him for his second run is unfair and would have cost him his medal.

The main reason for the controversy is that Ayumu pulled the Olympics' first triple cork in history and he was given just 91.75 scores by the US judge. It was an unfair score, so the controversy started.

Although this score did not stop him from winning the Olympics gold medal, certainly, he has been robbed second-run win. There got a be some explanation for the judge's action because the fans are coming for him harshly.

How Is Half Pipe Snowboarding Scored?

After the Ayumu controversy people are seeking the details regarding how half pipe snowboarding is scored. In Olympics, there are sic experts from various countries who are brought to judge snowboarders.

The judge gives scores from 1 to 100 depending upon the performance. The performance is evaluated in 5 criteria Amplitude, Difficulty, Variety, Execution, and Progression. By Amplitude, it means higher the better.

After the judge gives a score, the highest and lowest are dropped then simply the average of the remaining is taken. By Progression criteria, it means scores for the new tricks in the Olympics. 

Ayumu Hirano Family Details

Ayumu's family includes his parents and brothers. His parents' names are Tomiko and Hidenori. Ayumu was raised along with his brother Kaishu is also participating in the Olympics this year.

His father was a great inspiration for him to pursue snowboarding. His father was also a surfer and he opened a surf shop. His father builds Nihonkai Skate Park from a scratch.

His parents are proud of his achievements. Not only his family, but entire Japan is proud of his gold medal, and is a celebrated hero.

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