Axel Schylström is a Swedish singer who also engages himself as a motivational speaker.

He has even used his example, determination, and courageous way of tackling negativity and did not let him dwell in the past and reminisce the difficult moments of his life, his past, to affect his present and future.

Axel, who was burned to the point that he loathed looking himself in the mirror, now uses his platform to help other burn victims like him. 

Axel Schylstrom Burning Accident

Ten years ago, Axel Schylström became the victim of a burning accident in 2012, when he was 19.

He was involved in a serious train accident that left him with third-degree burns and extensive scars. Over 70% of his body (including half of his face) was burned due to electricity volt. Schylström has shared about doing a stupid thing when he was a teenager.

Well, he climbed atop a train in Sweden and came into contact with power lines that sent 16,000 volts of electricity through his body.

The horrible incident left him to fight for his life in the hospital and also led him to recall everything he has gone through in the form of scars. He went through over 50 operations and was admitted for about a year in the hospital.

Schylström revealed that he was very confident and believed himself to be the coolest guy ever and felt like he owned the world before the accident. But, all of a sudden, that all changed after the accident. The cool and popular guy with confidence and looks lost all of that.

He also stated that this burn incident made him feel so ashamed of himself that he did not want to go outside, and he didn’t want to see his face in the mirror.


The good part is he gradually managed to overcome his trauma. It is found that he was electrocuted while subway-surfing, thus suffering third-degree burns over 70 percent of his body, 

As per the artist, he had a hard time having to accept all his burning state in the initial phase. Though it took some time, he learned to love himself again in the end.

Where Is Axel Schylström Now?

Axel Schylström is now in Australia and balances his career and parenthood life.

At present, the 1993-born artist is enjoying a life that he never thought was possible during his accident. And now, he has a rising career and also his own happy family, being a loving husband and a great dad to his newborn.

What Happened To Axel Schylström?

Axel Schylström became unrecognizable when he met with an accident that changed his life forever. 

When he was burned and ended up in the hospital bed, he cried in despair. Then, he remembered that the nurse told him that he would be a happy handsome man after ten years, and now it has proved to be right.

Well, he did not only be a happy man but also has been living a blissful life with his partner and a cute daughter. 

Schylström has shared his burn survivor journey and thus has become an inspiration to many others like him. Though the burns left him with a deep scar, he is deeply grateful for everything he has learned from living with his scars.

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