Who Is Avram Glazer Wife, Jill Henkin Glazer?

Avram Glazer is an American businessman and executive who is from the esteemed and popular Glazer family.
Avram Glazer is an American businessman and executive who is from the esteemed and popular Glazer family.( Source : co )

American businessman Avram Glazer is married to his wife, Jill Henkin Glazer.

The Glazer family owns the National Football League-affiliated Football team, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They also hold a majority ownership stake in the English Football club Manchester United. 

He is a member of the Glazer family and the son of the esteemed American businessman and billionaire Malcolm Glazer and his wife, Linda. 

The elder Glazer was the president and CEO of a holding company called First Allied Corporation. He is the one who bought Manchester United and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

He has four brothers: Kevin E. Glazer, Bryan Glazer, Joel Glazer, Edward S. Glazer, and one sister: Darcie S. Glazer Kassewitz.

Who Is Avram Glazer's Wife, Jill Henkin Glazer? 

Jill Henkin Glazer is the wife of Avram Glazer and is a well-known member of the Glazer family. 

Jill is well-known for her philanthropic efforts, and one of her biggest ones is when she made the Glazer Family Club possible at Tulane University's Yulman Stadium. Glazer is a graduate of Tulane University and currently serves as a board of trustees member for the University.

Avram Glazer with his wife, Jill Henkin Glazer
Avram Glazer with his wife, Jill Henkin Glazer ( Source : mirror )

The two live in New Orleans.  What is known is that Jill is a caucasian woman and is a prominent redhead. 

She also seems to be a heavyset woman, but not many pictures of her exist on the internet.

Avram Glazer And His Wife Have Two Children Together

Avram Glazer and his wife, Jill Henkin Glazer, have two children, Kendall and Libby Glazer.

The two are most known for being the creators and co-founders of Stony Clover Lane, a company that makes customizable accessories.

The product can be found in Palm Beach, New York City, East Hampton, Newport Beach, Nashville, and New Orleans. The sisters have stated that one of the reasons why they started the enterprise is because they were creative from a young age.

The company, in essence, began over the summer of 2009 in their bedroom as they made beaded bracelets for themselves as a hobby and then for their friends and family.

Avram Glazer and his wife Jill Henkin Glazer have two children together called Kendall and Libby Glazer
Avram Glazer and his wife Jill Henkin Glazer have two children together called Kendall and Libby Glazer ( Source : medium )

They realized that the more they personalized their accessories, the more they set themselves apart from others they would see and began developing their unique sense of style. They wanted to create a brand that represented what they truly liked.

Their bedroom hobby soon became a company as the people who liked their products went from friends and family to social media and celebrity influencers wearing their products.

Plus, when the two were in college, and all of their friends were looking for summer internships, they asked if they could intern for the sisters, which made the sisters realize that what they had was not just a hobby but a tried and true company.

Avram Glazer Is An American Businessman

The blood of businessmen runs in the Glazer family, and Avram Glazer is not different from his father and daughters.

He has served as Manchester United's executive co-chairman since 2005.

The failed 2021 attempt to create a European Super League that would have removed Manchester United from the established European football structure and positioned them in a closed league without competitive relegation and promotion implicated Glazer.

Avram Glazer has owned the National Football League's Tampa Bay Buccaneers since 1995. During the Glazers' ownership of the Buccaneers, they have recently won Super Bowls (Super Bowl XXXVII and Super Bowl LV).

Avram Glazer with Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar and his brother Joel
Avram Glazer with Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar and his brother Joel ( Source : thesun )

He served as the former chairman and CEO of Zapata Corporation from 1995 to 2009. He has also served as the chairman and CEO of Omega Protein Corporation and Safety Components International.

He once served on Specialty Equipment Corporation's board of directors.

Avram was born and raised in Rochester, New York City. He started his education by studying at the esteemed Pittsford Mendon High School.

Then, Glazer went to Washington University in St. Louis, where he graduated in 1982 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

He pursued further education at American Univerity's Washington College of Law. Not content to have just an American education, he decided to move to Shangai during his youth and study at Peking University and Fudan University.

He has been working towards philanthropy through his wife's influence. He helped fund the Glazer Children's Museum in Tampa, Florida, and even received the Distinguished Alumni Award from his alma mater, Washington University in St. Louis, in 2013.

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