Ava White was stabbed and killed by a 14-year-old schoolboy in Liverpool city center, according to BBC. He is presumed to serve a life sentence in prison.

Ava White, 12, was stabbed in Liverpool city center while out with friends and died as a result of her injuries, on November 25, 2021.

A 14-year-old boy with a knife with a 7.5cm (2.9inch) blade who previously denied the charges was convicted of murder. "That knife was used to stab Ava, inflicting her fatal wound," prosecutor Charlotte Newell QC stated.

Ava White's court case has finally come to a conclusion after five months. 

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BBC: Who Killed Ava White?

Ava White was stabbed by a 14-year-old schoolboy, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, according to BBC. He said that he stabbed her accidentally in self-defense.

The child has previously admitted to possessing an offensive weapon but had denied murder. But following a trial, he was found guilty of murder.

Mrs. Justice Amanda Yip informed the youngster that he would face a life sentence as a result of the judgment. But that she needed to figure out "what the minimum length of time that you would have to serve in jail is."

Ava and her friends got into a confrontation with the youngster and three of his buddies after the lads took Snapchat footage of her group, according to the court.

The youngster testified before the jury that he overheard one of Ava's friends threaten to harm his friend unless he deleted a video of Ava.

He said he didn't plan to stab her and only wanted to "frighten her away." After assaulting Ava on School Lane, the kid "grinned" before departing, according to Ava's friends.

He then allegedly tossed the knife and removed his coat, which was subsequently discovered in a wheelie bin. 

Soon after, CCTV captured him and his companions in a shop, where the child took a photo and the group purchased butter for crumpets, according to him.

He then proceeded to a friend's house, where he pretended to be playing a computer game when his mother called to inform him that police wanted to talk with him.

The teenager was apprehended about 22:30 BST, a few hours after the stabbing, and informed his mother he was "not going to the prisons."

He said was not in the city center, but in later interviews, he blamed the stabbing on another teenager. After assaulting Ava on School Lane, the kid "grinned" before departing, according to Ava's friends.

Mrs. Justice Yip released the panel after two hours and eight minutes of deliberation, with one jury member wiping away a tear as they were discharged.

As the decision was read, more than 20 members of Ava's family rejoiced, while the child, who was there through a video connection, held his head in his hands.

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Ava White's Killer Gets Guilty Verdict As CCTV Captured Murder And Stabbing Video

Ava White's killer was announced guilty after the CCTV footage captured the incident of altercations between them. Footage of "altercations" leading up to the stabbing in School Lane was displayed before Liverpool Crown Court on 10 May.

The defendant allegedly shared a video of Ava sitting on the ground on Richmond Street, surrounded by pals, on the social networking platform Snapchat.

Ava and her pals were seen approaching the defendant, who was accompanied by three other lads, in court footage.

"There are some altercations between Ava and other members of the gang, and the group travels along Tarleton Street," said police investigator Callum Suggit.

Ava was seen racing after the defendant and his buddies over Church Street and down Church Alley before going into School Lane, according to surveillance footage.

At 20:35 GMT, footage from the back of the city's Primark shop caught Ava assaulting the defendant. It also shows him moving away before lifting his hand in front of him and displaying a "reflective item."

The footage then cuts to Ava placing her hands on her neck as he flees the area. "It's obvious, in that second or two, that's when Ava has got her injury?" said prosecutor Charlotte Newell.

In the public gallery, family members sobbed as the footage was played twice at regular speed and again in slow motion.

The defendant, who appeared in court via video connection, was later seen on multiple cameras running away with a pal through the city center.

He stated that even though he and his group has left Ava behind, she and her friends followed him. "She grabbed me, and I went away, and I suppose that's when I pulled out my knife and raced backward."

"All I wanted to do was get her away because I was afraid, he mentioned. He said he only wanted to "frighten her away" and had no intention of injuring her.

Is Ava White Murderer In Prison? 

Ava White murderer, 14 years boy would face a life sentence after being convicted of the murder. But Mrs. Justice Amanda Yip stated that the minimum amount of time that he would have to serve in jail is yet to be announced.

He may be currently in the custody waiting for the sentencing.

Some jurors continue to believe he was a youngster who made an accident. But after the jury saw CCTV evidence of the youngster and his companions buying butter for crumpets, while he styled his hair for a photo after the stabbing, they say otherwise.

"Knowing he stabbed her, his behavior is of someone who is, at best, absolutely nonchalant, at worst, somewhat pleased with himself, as if he feels large," Ms. Newell continued.

"His age is not a defense, he is not a child in arms, he understands right from wrong," Ms. Newell added.

She went on to say that the youngster was "capable of deciding to carry a knife" and "capable of lying about it." Guardian, Daily Mail, and BBC are all reporting the case at the moment.