Suman Bhandari

A keen observer with a curious mind, Suman loves keeping track of events occurring worldwide. He is a graduate of Applied Sciences and has a remarkable crush on music, movies and TV shows. A passionate sports fan, the clock runs differently for him whenever anyone brings up stuff related to sports. Besides, Suman is a distant observer when it comes to social media trends, yet he finds tremendous joy to write about anything that goes on the internet. His deep-seated desire to express his opinions has inspired him to be a part of this wonderful team.

Who Is Justin William Flores? Suspect Of El Monte Shooting Identified

Justin William Flores is a suspect in the El Monte shooting that took the lives of two police officers. Their memorial was held outside the El Monte Police Department today. The police have identified a suspect in the shooting of El Monte. As per the...

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What Happened To Dawit Nega? Musical Artist Passed Away, Twitter Floods With Tribute Post

Obituary: Dawit Nega passed away at a very young age. How did the musician die?  Famous Tigrigna musician and singer, Dawit Nega is no longer with us. The Ethiopian artist was one of the most celebrated musicians not only in the country but in ...

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