Anthony Templet Suffers From Autism - Where Is He Now In 2022? 'I Just Killed My Dad' Netflix

Anthony Templet's Mugshot ( Source : Ladbible )

There are several rumors that 20 years old Anthony Templet has had Autism. But, very few to no reports prove that he has one.

Anthony Templet is the person who killed his father and called 911, saying I just killed my dad. His crime has been taken down on Netflix's original crime documentary called "I Just Killed My Dad."

Anthony allegedly shot his father three times out of self-defense. He was shot in the head and torso, and as a result, he passed away.

Burt Templet's passing did not end the Templet family's sad tale. When Anthony Templet's half-sister Natasha saw his mug photo on the television following his arrest for murder in 2008, she quickly learned that he had been abducted by his father when he was five.

Full NameAnthony Templet
Age21 years old
Date of BirthSeptember 13, 2001
BirthplaceBaton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Current ResidenceLouisiana, United States

Does Anthony Templet Suffer From Autism? Health Condition

There are few reports that Anthony Templet has Autism, a developmental disease with varying degrees of seriousness marked by challenges with social interconnection and communication as well as unnatural or recurring thinking and behavior patterns. However, there are no details of him suffering from Autism health conditions.

Anthony Templet With His Late Father
Anthony Templet With His Late Father( Source : Thecinemaholic )

It was said that Anthony was suffering from some mental and emotional torture while he was with his dad. He had to take the step of killing his dad because he was mentally torturing him.

Templet said it was self-defense, but there were no indications of any physical struggle or evidence that the incident happened during self-defense.

However, the lawyers defending Templet maintained that his father had abused him for more than ten years. Susan Templet, his stepmother, and other family members fought to have him spared from going to jail.

At barely five, Burt had taken Anthony from the care of his birth mother. He said that his dad abused him for hours during interviews, leading to physical abuse.

Anthony's dad was so violent that he restricted his son's movements, used his phone to track the child's location, and put cameras throughout the house.

Anthony Templet Jail Sentence Over Negligent Homicide

Anthony Templet was convicted to five years of the operated trial term, which he had already completed with time credit, after entering a no contest plea to negligent homicide. He has just a year to recover.

The story of Templet, who shot his father three times in the head before calling the police and promptly confessing, is the subject of the book I Just Killed My Dad.

But after outlining Anthony's motivations for the murder, he could avoid jail time and was given a sentence of merely five years of closely monitored probation.

In the interviews in I Just Killed My Dad, Templet discusses the horrifying events that led up to his patricidal murder. On June 3, 2019, the event occurred in Louisiana after shooting his father, Burt Templet. He called 911 and admitted to killing his dad to the operator, saying, "I fired three shots at him."

I Just Killed My Dad: Where Is Anthony Templet Now?

I Just Killed My Dad, Anthony Templet, has been free from prison already. 

Anthony Templet Giving Interview
Anthony Templet Giving Interview ( Source : Edition )

Anthony Templet's sentence included a unique requirement that he get his high school graduation, go to therapy, and find a full-time job or education. His criminal record will be cleared if he complies with the above standards.

Following the court's decision, Jarrett Ambeau's attorney said: "When I saw this injustice, I said, "There is no way this youngster should be in jail." So, it is the result that we have. Although it might not be what we had hoped for, this system is not flawless. We look for the finest justice, and I believe we found it today."

Anthony Templet has stayed hidden from the public since his release until he gives his side of the tale in I Just Killed My Dad on Netflix.

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