A minimalist Animal Crossing: New Horizons player proved that less is more with a series of tiny 3x3 design spaces. Nintendo's social simulation title allows players to design and build their own island villages, interacting with non-player neighbors along the way. While post-launch support from the game recently ended, Animal Crossing: New Horizons' 2.0 update and Happy Home Paradise DLC gave players a plethora of new tools to experiment with as they build their digital island getaway.

Released this past November, the free 2.0 update and paid Happy Home Paradise expansion gave Animal Crossing: New Horizons players a huge host of new content to dig into. The 2.0 update introduced many quality-of-life improvements to the title, such as the ability to give traveling merchants a permanent shop on the island. New businesses like a fortune teller and Brewster's cafe were also added, giving players many more opportunities to interact with their neighbors. Meanwhile, the Happy Home Paradise DLC gave players many more customization options, such as the ability to redesign the interior of villagers' homes. The storage sheds introduced in the ACNH 2.0 update gives gamers somewhere to store all of Animal Crossing: New Horizons' new items, which comes in handy when working on large-scale projects.

A particularly creative Redditor and Animal Crossing: New Horizons player named LentilBurguer has created tiny 3x3 areas for their character to live. Each build is specifically themed, but each one falls within the limited space requirements. The workshop area manages to squeeze a desk, closet and filing cabinet into a 3x3 square along with plenty of decorations. An exceptionally floral bedroom build comes complete with a bed and side table, of course, but also fits in a cactus and some plants. The surprisingly spacious bathroom area contains a tub and step stool, and a much more crowded living room nevertheless includes a recliner, tables and an easel for some relaxing painting.

Many players such as LentilBurguer continue to find increasingly creative uses for Animal Crossing: New Horizons' items, but many others are now looking towards the franchise's future. The release of Happy Home Paradise and the 2.0 update marked an end to Nintendo's support for the game, and many feel that the next Animal Crossing game is likely to incorporate the additions made in these expansions. Enhanced interior decoration features have allowed fans of the cozy community simulator to express more creativity than ever before, with LentilBurguer's tiny themed areas being a perfect example of this creativity.

The tools and resources that Animal Crossing: New Horizons provides to players can lead to some truly inspired home designs. However, LentilBurguer has gone the extra mile by limiting themself to a simple 3x3 area in which to design a livable space. This limitation has successfully bred some innovative and adorable places for LentilBurguer's villager to inhabit, demonstrating that sometimes less really is more. While some of the areas look cramped, Animal Crossing's island inhabitants would find everything they need within the limited space.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available on Nintendo Switch.

Source: LentilBurguer/Reddit

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