Was Angela Flores Arrested? West Hills Mom Killed 3 Children In LA

Los Angeles West Hill 38 years old mother of three Angela Flores has been arrested and held on bond for $6 million. She was apprehended on a charge of the alleged murder of her children. 

Three young children were discovered dead inside a West Hills home, and their mother, Angela Flores, and a juvenile were arrested for the investigation. 

According to neighbors, the family had only been in the house for about three months when they often heard screams and arguments. 

Was West Hill Mother Angela Flores Arrested?

The mother of three young children, Angela Flores has been arrested for the alleged murder of her own children.

The second arrest of a minor has been made in connection with the deaths of three young children as the mother is being held on suspicion of murder.

It's unclear how that Juvenile is related to the children. A 12-year-old girl and two younger brothers, ages 8 and 9, were identified as the three children.

Police responded to the 22500 block of Victory Boulevard after receiving a call of an assault with a deadly weapon.

Angela is being held on $6 million bail and is charged with three counts of murder.

The investigation into how the children were killed and what condition they have discovered is still ongoing.

There has been limited information on the husband of Angela Flores or the father of the children as it is a developing story.

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Did West Hills Mom Kill Three Children In One Night? 

The West Hill Los Angeles mom Angela Flores has been jailed and under heavy scrutiny as the investigation moves ahead. 

The nature and the death cause of three innocent kids have not been published yet. However, the police were called in on Sunday to an assault with a deadly weapon.

The children, a 12-year-old girl, and two 8-year-old boys, were pronounced dead on the scene. Children's true identities have yet to be revealed.

"I assumed she was simply in the wrong location... "She was mentally ill, but she lived two houses down from us," said neighbor Pricila Canales.

Flores was arrested after being detained at the crime scene. Investigators are still trying to figure out when the kids were murdered.

According to another neighbor, there was no reason to suspect anything was wrong with the house before the incident.

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"You know, I just saw them out here." They have the most beautiful home on the street. They appeared to be charming people. "There's no reason to be suspicious," he said.

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