Who is Andy Galpin on Huberman Lab podcast? Dr. Andy Galpin is a graduate research assistant at Ball State University.

The Huberman Lab podcast has reached number 1 on Apple Podcasts after the recent episode with Andy Galpin.

In the episode, the host, Dr. Andrew, sat down with fellow doctor Andy and talked about different aspects of fitness. In the six episodes, they spoke of strength, endurance, speed, recovery, nutrition, and more.

The show is one of the most watched or listened to podcasts in the world, where the host mainly focuses on different medical procedures, systems, and other aspects of the human body.

More than 2.5 million people follow Huberman Lab on Instagram under the username @hubermanlab.

Who Is Dr Andy Galpin On Huberman Lab Podcast?

Dr. Andy Galpin from the Huberman Lab Podcast is an American expert in human performance with a Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics and Muscle Physiology.

He works as a scientist, teacher, and coach and has tied up professional links with multiple elite athletes in MMA, MLB, PGA, NFL, NBA, and such top sports.

As a coach, Andy has been working with professional athletes for over 15 years, and some of their names are Helen Marolouis, Morghan King, Mike Lee, and Brian Ortega.

Poster of Andy Galpin from his recent episode in the Huberman Lab podcast
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He is a full-time professor at CSU Fullerton and has been teaching students and conducting research at the institution for over a decade.

He centers his scientific research and studies on anything relevant to human performance, including strength, muscle, and nutrition.

His other work experiences include as a graduate research assistant at Ball State University, the same institution where he completed his Ph.D. in Human Bioenergetics.

He completed his education in Exercise Science at Linfield College before meaning a Master's in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Memphis, as mentioned in his Facebook profile.

Following his academic excellence, Andy has been a primal figure focusing on the human body and routine. He regularly attends various programs and events where he gives an insight into his expertise and background.

You can follow him on Instagram under the handle @drandygalpin, where he often shares his events and journey details.

Andy Galpin Is A Married Man

Andy with Natasha and their two children
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Dr. Andy Galpin is a happily married man who has been with his wife, Natasha Galpin, for over a decade.

Andy and his now spouse Natasha started dating in 2013 after the man asked her out. While the details of how they met are a mystery, the two are from the same place in Rochester, Washington.

They tied the knot for the long term after three years of dating in 2016. The doctor shared a lovely picture of their first-anniversary date on Instagram in 2017.

They have spent more than a decade of blissful romance and are living happily beside each other. The two often spend time when they travel to different places and also do other activities such as trekking.

The couple has two children. In June 2018, the Galpin family welcomed their first child, a daughter named Tatyana Rose Tupaca Russellwilsonina Danger Galpin. Tatyana is 4 and a half years old.

Similarly, they welcomed their second kid, a son named Tupac Shakur Galpin Jr, in March 2020. Tupac is now almost three years.

He often shares glimpses of his sweet family on Instagram, where he likes to keep track of his journey and life. His Instagram account is filled with various happy moments and other glimpses of his life.