All We Know About Logan Mwangi's Biological Father, Ben Mwangi

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Logan Mwangi's mother Angharad Williamson, his stepfather, John Cole, and a 14-year-old kid are convicted guilty of his murder. His biological father, Ben Mwangi is taken aback when he learns that his own mother has participated in the orchestra.

Logan Mwangi's case has finally come to a close as his mother, Angharad Williamson, and stepfather, John Cole, were both charged with his murder.

Logan, five years old, was unfortunately discovered dead in a river on July 31, 2021. One pathologist described the child's injuries as "so severe that you would expect to discover them as a result of a fall from a considerable height or a high-velocity road traffic collision."

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Who Is Logan Mwangi Biological Father, Ben Mwangi?

Logan Mwangi's biological father is Ben Mwangi who was an Essex bookmaker of Kenyan ancestry, according to The Guardian. Logan's mother Williamson started her relationship with him in 2014 but soon they parted ways.

Williamson's relationship with Ben Mwangi ended within months of Logan's birth. And she married a former soldier but divorced him after three years and moved into a two-bedroom ground-floor flat in Sarn. 

His father has not seen his 'bright and talkative' son in 18 months. And learning that his kid had been murdered by his own mother and stepfather came as a shock to him.

Benjamin must be devastated to witness his beloved son lifeless being wrapped in a plastic bag near-by river. Even more upsetting were medical studies that Logan may have been saved if he had received urgent medical treatment.

Instead, the family staged an "elaborate ruse" in which Logan was said to have strolled through an open garden gate in the middle of the night.

While Cole and the adolescent lad wandered about their estate yelling 'Logan, Logan,' Williamson, 31, made a 'chilling' 999 call imploring police to find her small kid.

All three were aware that he was dead in the shallows of the River Ogmore, about 400 yards from his family's house.

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Logan Mwangi Mother Angharad Williamson And HIs Stepfather Found Guilty Of Murder

Logan Mwangi's mother Angharad Williamson and his stepfather, John Cole were found guilty of his murder today. They were found guilty of the murder of Logan by a jury of five men and seven women on Thursday at Cardiff Crown Court after five hours of deliberation.

Similarly, a 14-year-old child, who cannot be identified due to his age, was also convicted of murder. According to the Daily Mail, Logan was 'victimized' by his family in the months and weeks preceding his murder.

Cole, who was seen on CCTV taking Logan's body from the flat to the river while being pursued by the juvenile, acknowledged the allegation.

Logan's stutter is claimed to have become worse, becoming especially awful around Cole. He began to wet himself more regularly and to self-harm.

Cole, a former National Front member who dubbed the five-year-old 'Coco Pop,' had forced him to eat Weetabix while the rest of the family ate KFC, according to the court.

Cole would also subject Logan to army-style punishments, such as making him perform press-ups until he burst into tears and collapsed on the floor.

After testing positive for coronavirus on July 20, the five-year-old kid was also 'kept as a prisoner in his little bedroom. His mother compared it to a 'dungeon,' with a baby gate blocking him from escaping.

Logan, a previously smiling, joyful little kid, was discovered in the River Ogmore in Pandy Park, Bridgend, South Wales, on July 31, 2021.

Logan Mwangi Was Discovered Dead In River Near His Home In Bridgend

Just 250 meters from his house, police officers discovered Logan Mwangi half-drowned in a pair of dinosaur pajama bottoms and a Spider-Man shirt.

According to reports, his mother and stepfather assaulted his five-year-old child's body and discarded him in a river.

Logan had sustained brain damage, 56 distinct injuries to his face, head, trunk, arms, legs, and feet, as well as a fractured collar bone and 'severe scalp bruises.'

Logan's head injuries might have been caused up to 40 hours before his death, according to John Williams, the pathologist who performed the post-mortem test. Some of his injuries had been there for weeks.

According to experts, Logan's injuries could only have been caused by a 'brutal and persistent attack' in the hours or days before his death. The injuries were also described as 'consistent with child abuse.'

The boy died slowly, with headaches, nausea and vomiting, and bewilderment before losing consciousness and falling into a coma, according to Cardiff Crown Court.

The infant and his family's Wikipedia and biography are now in high demand, and we hope that we have provided you with adequate information about them.

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